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Checklist of Paul Elder Titles

Year Published
The Spinx and other Poems William Henry Hudson 1900 Poetry
Friendship Paul Elder 1901 Quotations
The Love Sonnets of a Hoodlum Wallace Irwin 1901 Poetry using the slang of criminals.
Rodari, Sculptor, A Story of Pisa Virginia E. Pennoyer 1901 Art
Romance of the Commonplace Gelett Burgess 1902 Essays
The Antigone of Sophocles H. R. Fariclough & A. T. Murray 1902 Play
Baby Roland. Vespers (1) George Hansen 1902 Childrens Book
Baby Roland. Ascent of Man (2) George Hansen 1902 Childrens Book
Baby Roland. Lima Beans (3) George Hansen 1902 Childrens Book
Baby Roland. His Calculations (4) George Hansen 1902 Childrens Book
The Rubáiyát of Omar Khayyám Junior Wallace Irwin 1902 Poetry about Smoking
Philosophy of Despair David Starr Jordan 1902 Philosophy/
Psychology -
about Depression

Songs of the Press Bailey Millard 1902 Poetry
In the Realms of Gold Lorenzo Sosso 1902 Poetry
Consolatio, ode in memory of those members of the class of 1903 of Stanford University who died during the month of their graduation Raymond MacDonald Alden 1903 ?
Bachelor Bigotries Compiled by an Old Maid, Approved by a Young Bachelor 1903 Humor
On Seeing an Elizabethan Play - The True Histories of the Knyght of the Burning Pestle T. Deckar 1903 Essay's about Theatre
Happiness Compiled by Paul Elder 1903 Quotations
Love Compiled by Paul Elder 1903 Quotations
Nature Compiled by Paul Elder 1903 Quotations
Songs of Content, A Volume of Verse Ralph Erwin Gibbs 1903 Poetry
Drawing Room Plays Grace Luce Irwin 1903 Plays
Book of Nature: Spelling By His Mother Johnny Jones 1903 Poetry
My Favorite Book-Shelf: A Collection of Interesting & Instructive Reading from Famous Authors Charles Josselyn 1903 Essays
The Voice of the Scholar, with other addresses on the Problems of Higher Education David Starr Jordan 1903 Essays
The Cynic's Calendar of Revised Wisdom for 1904 Oliver Herford, Ethel Watts Mumford & Addison Mizner 1903 Weekly Calendar
California View book Edward H. Mitchell 1903 ?
Limerick up to Date Book Ethel Watts Mumford & Addison Mizner 1903 ?
Antigone: An Account of the Presentation of Antigone of Sophocles at the Leland Stanford University H. W. Rolfe 1903 ?
Widows - Grave & Otherwise Cora D. Willmarth 1903 Sayings for each day of the year.
Prosit: A Book of Toasts Clotho 1904 Literature
Fairy Tales Up-to-Now Wallace Irwin 1904 Humor
Upland Pastures Adeline Knapp 1904 ?
High Living Recipes from Southern Climes Compiled by L. L. McLaren 1904 Cooking
The Business Career in its Public Relations Albert Shaw 1904 Essay on Business Ethics
One Hundred and One Beverages May Elizabeth Southworth 1904 Cooking
One Hundred and One Chafing-dish Recipes May Elizabeth Southworth 1904 Cooking
One Hundred and One Candies May Elizabeth Southworth 1904 Cooking
One Hundred and One Entrées May Elizabeth Southworth 1904 Cooking
One Hundred and One Salads May Elizabeth Southworth 1904 Cooking
One Hundred and One Sandwiches May Elizabeth Southworth 1904 Cooking
The Entirely New Cynic's Calendar of Revised Wisdom for 1905 Ethel Watts Mumford, Oliver Herford & Addison Mizner 1904 Weekly Calendar
Yosemite Legends Bertha H. Smith 1904 ?
Psychological Year Book Janet Young 1904 Quotations
The Matrimonial Primer with a Pictorial Matrimonial Mathematics V. B. Ames 1905 Quotations about Marriage
Impressions of Ukiyo-Ye - The School of the Japanese Colour-Print Artists Dora Amsden & Cleveland Amory(?) 1905 Art
A Chorus of Leaves C. G. Blanden 1905 Poetry
A Child's Book of Abridged Wisdom by Childe Harold Edward S. A. Field 1905 Children's Story
The Complete Cynic's Calendar of Revised Wisdom for 1906 Ethel Watts Mumford, Oliver Herford & Addison Mizner 1905 Daily Calendar
Admonitions Agnes Green Foster 1905 Quotations
Good Things and Graces Isabel Goodhue 1905 Humorous Recipes
Blue Monday Book Jennie Day Haines 1905 Quotations
Sovereign Woman Versus Mere Man, A Medley of Quotations Jennie Day Haines 1905 Quotations
Elizabethan Humours and the Comedy of Ben Johnson Ben Johnson 1905 Play
The Soul of an Artist Translated by E. L. Murison 1905 Essay
An Alphabet of History Wilbur D. Nesbit 1905 Graphic History
Womanhood in Art Phebe Estelle (Elder) Spalding 1905 Art
The Twins and the Whys. A Fairy Tale Worth While. Susan Thompson 1905 Childrens book
A Critique of Socialism Edward F. Adams 1906 Essay
The Garden Book of California Belle Sumner Angier 1906 Gardening
Spots, or Two Hundred and Two Cleansers Clarice Courvoisier 1906 Housekeeping
The Princess of Manoa and other Romantic Tales from the Folklore of Old Hawaii Mrs. Frank R. Day 1906 Folklore
Mosaic Essays: Friendship, Love, Happiness, Nature & Sucess Edited by Paul Elder 1906 Essays
Auto Guest Book of Mobile Maxims: Being the maxims of Punjab the Railer Ga Raja of the Punjob, vice-royster of notsopoor. Ethel Watts-Mumford Grant & Richard Butler Glaenzer 1906 Automobile Log Book
The Philosophy of Ingersoll: to plow is to pray, to plant is to prophesy, and the harvest answers and fulfils Vere Golgthwaiter 1906 Philosophy?
Ye Gardeyne Boke Jennie Day Haines 1906 Poetry
One Hundred and One Sauces May Elizabeth Southworth 1906 Cookbook
Sonnets from the Trophies of Jose-Maria de Heredia Translated by Edward Robeson Taylor 1906 Poetry
Abelard & Heloise. The Love Letters. A Poetic Rendering Ella Costillo Bennett 1907 Poetry
A Son of the Gods and A Horseman in the Sky Ambrose Bierce 1907 Civil War Stories
The Blottentots and How to Make Them John Prosper Carmel 1907 Ink Blots
You & Some Others, Being Poems for Occasions Agness Greene Foster 1907 Poetry
The Remarkable Adventures of Little Boy Pip: Relating the Thrilling and Hazardous Journey of a Little Lad over the Meadow to the Place Where the Sky Comes Down and his Amazing Experiences, etc. Philip Francis 1907 Children's Literature
Betel Nuts. What they Say in Hindustan Rhymed in English Arthur Guiterman 1907 Poetry
Christmasse Tyde, Being a Collection of Seasonal Quotations Jennie Day Haines 1907 ?
Weather Opinions. A book of Quotations with Interleaves on Weather Subjects Jennie Day Haines 1907 ?
Tennessee's Partner Bret Harte 1907 Short Story set in Mining Camp
The Philosophy of Hope (Reprint of The Philosophy of Despair, renamed, and reprinted due to destruction of earlier artwork in 1906 earthquake) David Starr Jordan 1907 Philosphy/
Psychology -
about Depression

Bird Notes Afield. Essays on the Birds of the Pacific Coast with a Field Check List. Charles (Elder) Keeler 1907 Nature
The Ministry of Beauty Stanton Davis Kirkham 1907 ?
Where Dwells the Soul Serene Stanton Davis Kirkham 1907 ?
The Building of the Ship Henry Wadsworth Longfellow 1907 Poetry
Ode on the Morning of Christ's Nativity John Milton 1907 Poetry
In Lighter Vein, a collection of anecdotes, witty sayings bon mots, bright repartees, and eccentricities & reminiscences of well-known men and women who are or have been prominent in the public eye. collected by John De Morgan 1907 Essays
The Raven and the Philosophy of Composition Edgar Allen Poe 1907 Literary Criticism
The Case of Summerfield W. H. Rhodes 1907 Science Fiction
The Spinners Book of Fiction Collected by the Book Committee of the Spinners Club 1907 Fiction
The Sea Fogs Robert Louis Stevenson 1907 Essay about California's Coastal Fog
Syllogisms: A Book of Reasons for Every Day Lee Washington 1907 Essays
A Ball of Yarn: Its Unwinding Robert Rudd Whiting 1907 Children's Stories
How to Tell the Birds From the Flowers. A Manual of Flornithology for Beginners. Robert Williams Wood 1907 Nature
Quatrains of Christ George Creel 1908 Religion
The Quite New Cynic's Calendar of Revised Wisdom for 1908 Oliver Herford 1908 Daily Calendar
Love Sonnets of a Car Conductor Wallace Irwin 1908 Love Poem written in slang.
In the Open: Intimate Studies and Appreciations Stanton Davis Kirkham 1908 ?
The Mother of California - An Historical Sketch of the Little Known land of Baja California, from Cortez to the Present Time Arthur Walbridge North 1908 History
Messages to Mothers, A Protest Against Artificial Methods Herman Partsch M.D. 1908 ?
The Call of the City Charles Mulford Robinson 1908 Essays
Animal Analogues Robert William Wood 1908 ?
Blessings: Being Bible Mosaics of Blessings Agness Greene Foster 1909 ?
The Perfectly Good Cynic's Calendar for 1909 Ethel Watts Mumford, Oliver Herford & Addison Mizner 1909 Daily Calendar
The Rubaiyat of Omar Khayyam Omar Khayyam 1909 Poetry
By the Bay Lucia Etta Loring (Smith) 1909 Poetry
Sonnets Fanny Purdy Palmer 1909 Poetry
The Tocsin, A Drama of the Renaissance Esther Brown Tiffany 1909 Play
Obil, Keeper of the Camels, Being the Parable of the Man Whom the Disciples Saw Casting out Devils Lucia Chase Bell 1910 ?
Slumber Sea Chanteys Lucia Chase Bell 1910 ?
Sonnets from the Portuguese with Lyric Interludes Elizabeth Barrett Browning 1910 Poetry
Fear not; quotations of courage from the Holy Bible, followed by inspiring thoughts from later sources Delia Jane (Andrews) Desel 1910 ?
The College Freshman's Don't Book G. F. E 1910 Humor
To Friendship Agness Greene Foster 1910 ?
By the Way. Travel Letters Written during Several Journeys Abroad Describing Soujorns in England, Scotland, Ireland, France, Germany, Austria-Hungary, Italy, Greece and European and Asiatic Turkey Agnes Greene Foster 1910 Travel
A Book of Hospitalities Arthur Guiterman 1910 Poetry
William Keith, as Prophet Painter Emily Hay 1910 Art
The Complete Cynic: Being Bunches of Wisdom Culled from the Calendars of Oliver Herford, Ethel Watts Mumford & Addison Mizner Oliver Herford, Ethel Watts Mumford & Addison Mizner 1910 Witty and Satirical Quotations
The Hump Tree Stories Mary Joss Jones 1910 Childrens Book
The Hump Tree Stories: 1 - Mr. High-Hopper Grasshopper Mary Joss Jones 1910 Childrens Book
The Hump Tree Stories: 2 - Humper, The Green Worm Mary Joss Jones 1910 Childrens Book
The Hump Tree Stories: 3 - Black Hawk, The Sky Pirate Mary Joss Jones 1910 Childrens Book
The Hump Tree Stories: 4 - Black Brother Mary Joss Jones 1910 Childrens Book
The Hump Tree Stories: 5 - Mrs. Wriggles in the Swamp-Grass Country Mary Joss Jones 1910 Childrens Book
The Hump Tree Stories: 6 - The Luminiferous Miss Tadlets Mary Joss Jones 1910 Childrens Book
The Hump Tree Stories: 7 - Winky Pink, The Butterfly Mary Joss Jones 1910 Childrens Book
The Hump Tree Stories: 8 - Dickey Swift, The Squirrel, His Escape Mary Joss Jones 1910 Childrens Book
Flowers from Medieval History Minnie D. Kellogg 1910 Nature
Army Goose Melodies Florence Kellogg Krebs 1910 Poetry?
My Soul's Cathredral & Other Poems James Henry MacLafferty 1910 Poetry
Love & Friendship Lillyan Shaffner 1910 Poetry
The Vanishing Ruin Era - San Francisco's Classic Artristry of Ruin - Depicted in Picture and Song Louis J. Stellman 1910 ?
Lavender and other Verse Edward Robeson Taylor 1910 ?
The Potato Child and Others Mrs. Charles J. Woodbury 1910 Christmas Stories
On the Laws of Japanese Painting - an Introduction to the Study of the Art of Japan Henry Bowie 1911 Art
An Angel Unaware Julia P. Churchill 1911 ?
California - The Beautiful: camera studies by California artists; with selections in prose and verse from western writers Compiled by Paul Elder with writings by Joaquin Miller & John Muir 1911 Photographs and Poetry
Matins and Vespers Dion Fortune 1911 ?
Comfort Found in Good Old Books George Hamlin Fitch 1911 Essays about Books
Good Things: Ethical Recipes for Feast Days and Other Days, with Graces for All the Days Isabel Goodhue 1911 ?
Recipe for a Happy Life Written by Margaret of Navarre in the year of 1500 Amplified by a Compilation from the works of various Marie West King 1911 ?
The Little Lad of Bethlehem Town Emily Huntington Miller 1911 ?
Tony's White Room (And How the White Rose of Love Bloomed and Flourished There) Winifred Rich 1911 Childrens Story
Adoration Florence M. Schmidt 1911 ?
The Tahquitch Maiden: A Tale of the San Jacintos Phebe Estelle Spalding 1911 Indian Legend
The Heritage of Hiroshige: A Glimpse at Japanese Landscape Art Dora Amsden & John Stewart Happer 1912 Art
Modern English Books of Power George Hamlin Fitch 1912 Literature
A Yosemite Flora Harvey Monroe Hall & Carlotta Case Hall 1912 Nature
Eric's Book of Beasts David Starr Jordan 1912 Poetry for Children
San Francisco as it Was, as it Is, and How to see it. Helen Purdy Throop 1912 SF History
The Inhumanity of Socialism: The Case Against Socialism & A Critique of Socialism Edward F. Adams 1913 Essays about

Intimations. A Collection of Brief Essays Dealing Mainly with Aspects of Everyday Living from A Point of View Less Controversial than Inquiring and Suggestive John D. Barry 1913 Essays
Outlines. Brief Studies in Fiction, Representing an Effort to Give an Imaginitive Interpretation to Familiar Human Experience John D. Barry 1913 Essays
Patience and Her Garden Ida Smith Decker 1913 ?
The Old Spanish Missions of California: An Historical and Descriptive Sketch Paul Elder 1913 California History
The Critic in the Occident George Hamlin Fitch 1913 Travel
The Critic in the Orient George Hamlin Fitch 1913 Travel
Out of Bondage Fanny Hodges Newman 1913 ?
Some World-Circuit Saunterings William Ford Nichols 1913 Travel
Professor Berhardi - A Comedy Arthur Schnitzler 1913 Play
Behind the Garden Wall Robert Wallace 1913 Childrens Poetry
The Social Rubaiyat of a Bud Mrs. Ambrose Madison Wills 1913 Poetry
A Tramp Through Bret Harte Country Thomas Dykes Beasley 1914 California Mining Towns
Verses from Many Seas Fred Warner Carpenter 1914 Poetry
Bohemian San Francisco: Its Restaurants and their Most Famous Recipes. The Art of Elegant Dining. Clarence E. Edwords 1914 Food
The Rout of the Frost King and other Fairy Poems Eugene Neustadt 1914 Poetry
Our Widening Thought of God Charles Sumner Nash 1914 ?
The Foot of the Rainbow Myrtle Glenn Roberts 1914 Play
Bamboo - Tales of the Orient-Born Lyon Sharman 1914 Tales about China
The Great Small Cat and Others May E. Southworth 1914 Fiction
One Hundred and One Mexican Dishes May E. Southworth 1914 Food
West Winds: California's Book of Fiction Edited by Herman Whitaker 1914 Fiction
As If: A Philosophical Phantasy Cora Lenore Williams M.S. 1914 Essay
The Return John Malmesbury Wright 1914 ?
A Tale from the Rainbow Land Katherine Yates 1914 Folk Tale
Cover Designs and Illustrations ? 1915 ?
California: A Poem Fred Emerson Brooks 1915 Poetry
The Art and Ethics of Dress - As Related to Efficiency and Economy Eva Olney Farnsworth 1915 ?
Nature and Science on the Pacific Coast: A Guide-Book for Scientific Travellers in the West. Joseph Grinnell 1915 Science
Sonnets of spinsterhood : the spinster's book of dreams, delicate traceries of dim desires Snow Longley 1915 Poetry
Palace of Fine Arts and Lagoon: Panama-Pacific International Exposition, 1915 Bernard R. Maybeck 1915 Architecture
Legal and political development of the Pacific states Orrin Kip McMurray 1915 Law
The Architecture and Landscape Gardening of the Exposition: A Pictorial Survey of the Most Beautiful of the Architectural Compositions of the Panama-Pacific International Exposition Louis Christian Mullgardt, Maud Worting Raymond, & John Hamlin 1915 Architecture
Landscape Gardening

The Art of the Exposition. Personal Impressions of the Architecture, Sculpture, Mural Decorations, Color Scheme & Other Aesthetic Aspects of the Panama-Pacific International Exposition. Eugen Neuhaus 1915 Art
SF History

The Galleries of the Exposition. A Critical Review of the Paintings, Statuary, & Graphic Arts in the Palace of Fine Arts Eugen Neuhaus 1915 Art
SF History

The Sculpture & Mural Decorations of the Exposition: A Pictorial Survey of the Art of the Panama-Pacific International Exposition Stella Perry with introduction by A. Stirling Calder 1915 Art
Little Bronze Playfellows. A Phantasy for Children and Grown-ups Stella George Stern Perry 1915 Childrens Story
The Lure of San Francisco. A Romance Amid Old Landmarks Elizabeth Gray Potter & Mabel Thayer Gray 1915 Fiction
Holland, Birthplace of American Political, Civic and Religious Liberty, An Historical Essay H. A. van Coenen Torchiana 1915 History
Catalogue Deluxe of the Fine Arts, Panama-Pacific International Exposition (2 volumes) Edited by John E. D. Trask 1915 Art
The Fourth-Dimensional Reaches of the Exposition Cora Lenore Williams 1915 Metaphysics/New Age Religion
Raising of the American Steamship "Republic" Anonymous (Signed by John A. Hooper) 1916 Naval History
Seven Maids of Far Cathay: Being English Notes From a Chinese Class Book Bing Ding (Mary F. Ledyard) 1916 Fiction??
Persephone: A Masque Isaac Flagg 1916 ?
Victory Crowned Page Fellowes 1916 ?
Great Spiritual Writers of America George Hamlin Fitch 1916 Essays
The Architecture and Gardens of the San Diego Exposition: A Pictorial Survey of the Aesthetic Features of the Panama California International Exposition Bertram Grosvenor Goodhue & Carleton Monroe Winslow 1916 Architecture
Half-True Stories for Little Folks of Just the Right Age Stanton Davis Kirkham 1916 Fiction
Power of Mental Demand and Other Essays Herbert Edward Law 1916 Essays
Far Countries as Seen by a Boy M. Beecher Longyear 1916 ?
The Child Andrea Karin Michaelis 1916 Novel
Rajani - Songs of the Night Dhan Gopal Mukerji 1916 Poetry
Layla-Majnu, A Musical Play in Three Acts Dhan Gopal Mukerji 1916 Play
The San Diego Garden Fair Eugen Neuhaus 1916 Architecture
Songs of Nature Love and Life John Wood Northup 1916 Poetry
The Soul of Woman. An Interpretation of the Philosophy of Feminism Paul Jordan Smith 1916 Essay
Mr. Slimkins Letters About His Doings Helen Virginia Anthony 1917 ?
Jefferson Davis Abraham Lincoln Ben Blow 1917 ?
Stories of the Old Missions of California Charles Franklin Carter 1917 Historical Fiction
Textiles and Costume Design Evelyn Peters Ellsworth 1917 Theatre
Dolores of Sierra and Other One Act Plays Harriet Holmes Haslett 1917 Plays
Souls and Other Poems Glenn Hughes 1917 Poetry
Russia, its people and their ideals : three informal lectures Karina Kalpakoff 1917 Lectures
Sonnets from the Crimea Adam Mickiewicz 1917 Poetry
Sandhya: Songs of Twilight Dhan Gopal Mukerji 1917 ?
The Surrendor of Santiago. An Account of the Historic Surrender of Santiago to General Shafter July 17, 1898 Frank Norris 1917 History
How to fly (the flyer's manual); a practical course of training in aviation Captain D. Gordon E. Re Vley 1917 Aviation
The Last Mile-Stone Emma R. Saylor 1917 Novel
Starr King in California William Simonds 1917 History
New Footprints in Old Places Pauline Stiles 1917 Travelogue of European Trip
The President's War Message Woodrow Wilson 1917 Presidential Speech
Elements of Aviation Engines John B. F. Bacon 1918 Mechanics
A Backward Glance at Eighty. Recollections & Comment Charles A. Murdock 1921 Autobiography
Sonnets of California Fanny Purdy Palmer 1927 Poetry
The Golden Crucible: An Introduction to the History of American California, 1850-1905 Blake Ross 1930 California History
California Gringos H. A. van Coenen Torchiana 1930 ?
Islanded Dwight Strickland 1933 Poetry
Story of the Mission Santa Cruz H. A. van Coenen Torchiana 1933 California History
Sailor on Horseback: The Biography of Jack London Irving Stone 1938 Biography
The House in Mallorca. Story of the Birthplace of Junipero Serra. Ernest Ingold 1950 History
Impresssions Anual ? ? ?
Men and Women Robert Browning ? Poetry
Sapho Alphonse Daudet ? ?
Memoirs of Count Grammont Anthony Hamilton ? ?
The Devil on Two Sticks Alain Rene Le Sage 1900? ?
Tales from the Decamerone Boccaccio 1900? ?
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