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The Lure of San Francisco - Elizabeth Gray Potter and Mabel Thayer Gray

Fictional stories about San Francisco, based on historic facts. This is my 60th Project Guttenberg title.

The Mission and its Romance - A view from Twin Peaks - The city with its historic crosses. A visit to the old church - Its past, and the romance of Lüis Argüello.
The Presidio, Past and Present - The Spanish Fortifications and the love story of Concepcion and Rezánov.
The Plaza and its Echoes - A Chinese restaurant. Yerba Buena and the reminiscences of a forty-niner.
Telegraph Hill of Unique Fame - The Latin quarter. The signal station of '49 and a view of the city -as it was. The Golden Gate.
Book Cover
The Mission - "The modern structures crowd upon the low adobe building."
Prayer Book Cross - "A granite cross just visible above the trees in Golden Gate Park."
At Lotta's Fountain - "We watched the people purchasing flowers on the corner."
The Officer's Club House at the Presidio - "Of a different generation from its neighbors."
A Street in Chinatown - "We must take a look at the spot where the first house stood."
Portsmouth Square - "The entire history of San Francisco was made around this Plaza."
A Fountain in the Latin Quarter - "Stooping to drink from his hand on the edge of a little pool."
A Sunset Thro' the Golden Gate - "The last rays gilded the cliffs on either side."

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