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Panama Pacific Exposition

The Panama Pacific Exposition was held in San Francisco, California in 1915 to commemorate the opening of the Panama Canal in 1915. A second reason for holding the fair was to celebrate the rebuilding of San Francisco after the 1906 earthquake.

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Books by Paul Elder:
Catalogue Deluxe of the Fine Arts, Panama-Pacific International Exposition (2 volumes) - Edited by John E. D. Trask
Little Bronze Playfellows. A Phantasy for Children and Grown-ups - Stella George Stern Perry
Palace of Fine Arts and Lagoon: Panama-Pacific International Exposition, 1915 - Bernard R. Maybeck
The Architecture and Landscape Gardening of the Exposition - Louis Christian Mullgardt & Maud Worting Raymond
The Art of the Exposition by Eugen Neuhaus
The Galleries of the Exposition - Eugen Neuhaus
The Sculpture and Mural Decorations of the Exposition - A. Stirling Calder & Stella G. S. Perry
The Fourth-Dimensional Reaches of the Exposition - Cora Lenore Williams

Billy Whiskers at the Exposition - Frances Trego Montgomery
The Boy Scouts at the Panama-Pacific Exposition - Lieutenant Howard Payson
Uncle Jeremiah at the Panama Pacific Exposition - C. M. Stevens, Ph. D.
What We Saw at Madame World's Fair - Elizabeth Gordon

City, State, and Foreign Countries Publications:
The Argentine Republic - Panama-Pacific Exposition 1915
Argentine Trade with the World - Panama Pacific International Exposition
Souvenir Canadian Pavilion
Japan and her Exhibits at the Panama-Pacific International Exhibition - Kyokwai Hakurankwai
Los Angeles Today - 1915 - Los Angeles Chamber of Commerce
Report of Board - Panama-Pacific Managers for Massachusetts
State of New York at the Panama-Pacific International Exposition - San Francisco, California - 1915
Ohio - The Buckeye State
Pennsylvania and the World's Panama Pacific Exposition
Progressive Victoria Australia and its Metropolis
Tour of the Governor of Pennsylvania, Members of Staff, and the Pennsylvania Panama-Pacific Commission - Pennsylvania Day, September 4, 1915 San Francisco - Itinerary

Pan-Pacific Cook Book - Savory Bits from the World's Fare - L. L. McLaren
Salmon Cook Book - How to Eat Canned Salmon

Business Brochures:
The General Electric Company at the Panama-Pacific Exposition
International Harvestor - Panama-Pacific - Panama-California - Souvenir 1915
Panama-Pacific International Exposition - San Francisco - 1915 - Remington Typewriter Company
Southern Pacific Building - Southern Pacific Railroad
The Story of a Great Achievement - American Telephone and Telegraph Co.

A Brief Guide to the Department of Fine Arts - Panama-Pacific International Expostion - Michael Williams
A Brief Guide to the Palace of Fine Arts - Panama-Pacific International Exposition - Post Exposition Period - Michael Williams
Art-Lovers Guide to the Exposition - Sheldon Cheney
Circular of Information - Panama-Pacific International Exposition - Department of Fine Arts
The Dream City - Its Art in Story and Symbolism - Rose V. S. Berry
Impressions of the Art at the Panama-Pacific Exposition - Christian Brinton
Palaces and Courts of the Exposition - Juliet Helena Lumbard James
Sculpture of the Exposition Palaces and Courts - Juliet James
The Jewel City - Ben Macomber
The Sculpture and Murals of the Panama-Pacific International Exposition - Stella G. S. Perry

Other Books:
The Blue Book - A Comprehensive Official Souvenir View Book Illustrating the Panama-Pacific International Exposition - San Francisco 1915 - Robert A. Reid
California and the Expositions - Union Pacific System
California in 1915 - Raymond & Whitcomb Co.
Catalog of the Exhibit of the Department of State at the Panama-Pacific International Exposition - San Francisco, Calfornia 1915
Condensed Facts Concerning the Panama-Pacific Universal Exposition - San Francisco 1915 - Celebrating the Opening of the Panama Canal.
The Department of Commerce - Panama-Pacific International Exposition Edition 1913
Guide to San Francisco and the Panama-Pacific Exposition 1915 - The Baldwin Piano Company
Information for Visitors to the Panama-Pacific International Exposition - San Francisco - 1915 - Rainier Beer
In the Court of the Ages (Poems) - Edward Robeson Taylor
The Inscriptions at the Panama-Pacific International Exposition - Porter Garnett
Mining Week
Ode on the Exposition - George Sterling
Official Handbook of the Panama Canal - 1915
Official View Book - Panama-Pacific International Exposition 1915 - San Francisco
Opening Day Views of San Francisco's Exposition Grounds - Southern Pacific
Storied Walls of the Exposition - Katherine Delmar Burke
That Was a Dream Worth Building - The Spirit of San Francisco's Great Fair Portrayed in Picture and Words - Louis Stellmann
The City of Domes - John D. Barry
The Court of Ages: Its Influence on the Mind and Feelings of One of the Multitude at the Exposition in San Francisco 1915 - Beatrice Wright
The Evanescent City - George Sterling and Francis Bruguiere
The Exposition Babies: An Idyl of the Fine Arts Colonnade - Edith Kinney Stellmann & Louis J. Stellman
The Story of the Exposition - Frank Morton Todd (5 Volumes)
The Panama Canal at San Francisco 1915 - Panama Canal Exhibition Co.
Panama-Pacific International Exposition - Illustrated in Color - Official Publication - Robert A. Reid
Panama-Pacific International Exposition - Popular Information
Panama-Pacific International Exposition - San Francisco - 1915 - Booklet Number 1
Panama-Pacific International Exposition - San Francisco - 1915 - Promotional Brochure
The Peoples Easy Guide to the Panama-Pacific International Exposition.
Problems Women Solved - Being the Story of the Woman's Board of the Panama-Pacific International Exposition - What vision, enthusiasm, work and co-operation accomplished. - Anna Pratt Simpson
San Francisco and the Panama-Pacific Universal Exposition - James Henry MacLafferty
San Francisco and Vicinity - When the Golden Gate ... is Golden
Views of the Panama-Pacific International Exposition - San Francisco - 1915

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