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Art-Lovers Guide to the Exposition - Sheldon Cheney

This book described the artwork of the Panama-Pacific Exposition of 1915 in San Francisco. This book was written for people who are not connoisseurs of art. The author states: "Purely destructive criticism and ridicule have been carefully avoided," unfortunately the author is very opinionated about the artwork, using an approach similiar to "The City of Domes." This is my 55th Project Guttenberg title.

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Contents and Foreword
The Architecture and Art as a Whole
Court of Abundance
Court of the Universe
Court of the Four Seasons
Court of Palms and Court of Flowers
Tower of Jewels, and Fountain of Energy
Palaces Facing the Avenue of Palms
Palaces Facing the Marina, and the Column of Progress
Palace of Machinery
South Gardens, Festival Hall, and Palace of Horticulture
Palace of Fine Arts
Outdoor Gallery of Sculpture
Fine Arts Galleries
State and Foreign Buildings, and Scattered Art Exhibits

DOC file for Palm (Project Guttenberg Version)