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The City of Domes - The Panama Pacific International Exposition by John D. Barry

This text describes the development, the buildings, the sculpture, and the art of the Panama-Paciic International Exposition held in San Francisco 1915. This exposition has held in part to commemorate the rebuilding of San Francisco after the 1906 earthquake. This is my 6th Project Guttenberg E-text.

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Chapter I - The View from the Hill
Chapter II - The Approach
Chapter III - In the Gardens
Chapter IV - Under the Tower of Jewels
Chapter V - The Court of the Universe
Chapter VI - On the Marina
Chapter VII - Toward the Court of Four Seasons
Chapter VIII - The Court of Four Seasons
Chapter IX - ThePalace of Fine Arts from across the Lagoon
Chapter X - The Palace of Fine Arts at Close Range
Chapter XI - At the Palace of Horticulture
Chapter XII - The Half Courts
Chapter XIII - Near Festival Hall
Chapter XIV - The Palace of Machinery
Chapter XV - The Court of the Ages
Chapter XVI - The Brangwyns
Chapter XVII - Watching the Lights Change
Chapter XVIII - The Illuminating and the Reflections
Features that Ought to be Noted by Day
Features that Ought to be Noted by Night
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