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The Exposition Babies: An Idyl of the Fine Arts Colonnade - Edith Kinney Stellman & Louis J. Stellmann

This book is a fictional story about a group of statues in the Palace of Fine Arts Colonade, from the 1915 Panama-Pacific Exposition in San Francisco. There are ten statues of children woven into the story. For a similar story look at: Little Bronze Playfellows - Stella George Stern Perry

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Book Cover
"If you seek the colonnade very early in the morning you may hear what the little baby statues think and know."
"It wasWild Flower who lifted her face for a morning salute."
"Young Pan stopped blowing his pipes long enough to call out a greeting."
"The Wood Nymph did a toe dance and almost lost her balance."
"I heard a hoarse croak. It was the Frog who is with a boy."
"Further on I found a boy holding a big fish in his arms."
"Youth was streching. I am inclined to think she had been napping."
"I reached the dear baby holding his ball to his breast."
"She grinned in reply and her fat, little cheeks creased all up."
"I left the Sun Dial Boy absorbed in the antics of his little pet."
"Lovingly was the baby boy singing to his birdie."