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The Rising Sun - Adolph A. Weinman, Sculptor

Diagram of Buildings and Grounds

The Court of Abundance - Louis Christian Mullgardt, Architect

The Windmill - By Frank Brangwyn

Arch of the Setting Sun - McKim, Mead and White, Architects

Descending Night - Adolph A. Weinman, Sculptor

Nations of the East and West - A. Stirling Calder, Leo Lentilli, and F. G. R. Roth, Sculptors

The Feast of Sacrifice - Albert Jaegers, Sculptor

"Autumn" niche in Court of the Four Seasons - Henry Bacon, Architect, Furio Piccirilli, Sculptor

The End of the Trail - James Earl Fraser, Sculptor

A Victorious Spirit - Arthur F. Mathews, Mural Painter

Figure from Fountain of Youth - Edith Woodman Burroughs, Sculptor

Varied Industries Portal - W. B. Faville, Architect

The Column of Progress at Night

The Genius of Creation - Daniel Chester French, Sculptor

The Palace of Fine Arts - Bernard R. Maybeck, Architect

Fine Arts Galleries - Numerical Index of Rooms

The Peristyle at Night - Bernard R. Maybeck, Architect

The Thinker by Rodin - In the Court of the French Building

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