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Our Day In Sweden

Dear Cousins:

We have always wanted to see how skis are really worn, and we were very glad to go to Sweden and see them. The Swedish mansion is directly across from the Canadian building, so our foreign travel is being made very easy for us.

We went into a blue room, after we had seen all the ships, and steel things, and the beet sugar cones, which made your mouth water just to look at them.

The walls of the blue room are covered with a cloth made from wool, and colored blue, the very bluest blue you could imagine. Then we saw the nice deep hand-painted chests which we thought would be perfectly fascinating to have in our attic, to put all our brocaded satin dresses in, so that our children could dress up in them as we do in our grandmother's things. There are old-fashioned wool rugs made with a hook which pulls wool through a foundation. We have seen Tillie Nelson's mater make them in Minnesota.

Their furniture is black oak, with wool tapestry for covering, and there are some beautiful bookcases, and hand-carved book-ends, and some beautiful book-bindings.

We looked a long time at the wonderful pictures of snowstorms painted by A. Schultzberg, 1914.

We both like them better than any paintings we have ever seen. We almost expected to see little Mrs. Cottontail hop out from under the snow-laden spruce trees, or to hear a chickadee bird sing his winter song from one of the branches. We have resolved to study art. A beautiful statue, carved by Alice Nordin, entitled "The Goddess of Love," is in that room, and seemed to us very beautiful.

There were some bronze chandeliers which we know would interest big brother, they were what he calls decorative, and some china which sister would rave over.

We came away feeling that Sweden is a very large and useful nation, and a homey and comfortable sort of people. We said so to father, but he said, "Yes, yes, children, I am glad you felt that, because they are that and more."

We knew by his tone that he was thinking, so we were careful not to chatter and disturb him.

Your loving cousins,

Jane and Ellen.

Girl Sweeping

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