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More Foreign Travel

Dear Cousins:

If there is one place that we do adore it is Hawaii. We have been there so many times since we came to the Fair, that now when we stop to look at the gorgeous fishes they seem to show signs of recognition.

We spent a very pleasant hour in the motion picture theatre in Hawaii, and got a very good idea of the country. We have resolved that we shall go there the very first trip we take really abroad.

The day before our last at the Fair we stopped in Hawaii to get a glass of pineapple juice, and to listen to the singing. The choir sang "Aloha," the Hawaiian song of farewell which ex-Queen Liliuokalani wrote, and it made us feel a sort of sad happiness.

So, to get cheered up we went over to Holland, and looked at the beautiful picture of the land of Queen Wilhelmina, whom every one loves.

Holland's mansion is tastefully decorated in blue and brown, and looks very inviting. Java, one of Holland's colonies, has some interesting colored prints called Battik cloth, which are made by covering the surface of the cotton with clay, or wax, and then cracking the covering so that the dye stuffs may penetrate to the cloth.

In Norway there was no one at home except some singers who were giving a concert, which we enjoyed. Their things had not yet been unpacked.

Australia was at home and showed us her treasures. We liked her birds and brilliant butterflies, but father was more interested in her articles of commerce, such as woods, wools and fruits.

It is hard to remember that these countries are really so far away from our own country, it is so easy to get to them in the Fair.

New Zealand showed us some motion pictures of interesting water sports, and how they catch the big kingfishes; we saw, also, some mounted specimens of the kiwi, the wingless bird of New Zealand. It has absolutely no wings, and is about the size of a guinea hen.

From there we went over to Siam for a few minutes, to see their lovely lacquered wood, and other treasures, and then went to Turkey to admire the rugs and Benares brasses. We are sorry that so many of the countries which we are anxious to see have not as yet arrived, but we must hope to come back to the Fair before it closes.

Your loving cousins,

Jane and Ellen.

P. S. - Have you ever noticed how sad it is to do things for the last time?

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