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Unless otherwise noted, these are from photographs by the official photographers, the Cardinell-Vincent Company.

Book Cover
Roman Arch of the Setting Sun, Color Plate from Photo by Gabriel Moulin
Ground Plan of the Palace of Fine Arts
Aeroplane View of the Exposition, Photo copyrighted by Gabriel Moulin
Avenue of Palms
The South Gardens
The Palace of Horticulture
Festival Hall - George H. Kahn
Map of the Panama-Pacific International Exposition
"Listening Woman" and "Young Girl," Festival Hall
South Portal, Palace of Varied Industries - J. L. Padilla
Palace of Liberal Arts
Sixteenth-Century Spanish Portal, North Facade
"The Priest," Tower of Jewels - "The Pirate," North Portal
The Tower of Jewels and Fountain of Energy
"Cortez" - J. L. Padilla
Under the Arch, Tower of Jewels
Fountain of El Dorado
Column of Progress - Pacific Photo and Art Co.
"The Adventurous Bowman"
Arch of the Setting Sun - J. L. Padilla
Frieze at Base of the Column of Progress (2)
The Court of the Universe and Arch of the Rising Sun
"Earth" and "Fire" (2)
"The Rising Sun" and "The Setting Sun" (2)
Tower of the Ages - J. L. Padilla
Fountain of the Earth - J. L. Padilla
"Air," one of Brangwyn's Murals
The Court of Seasons
Arch in the Court of Seasons - George H. Kahn
Court of Flowers, Detail - Pacific Photo and Art Co.
"The End of the Trail" - J. L. Padilla
"The Pioneer"
The Court of Palms.
Portal between the Courts of Palms and Seasons - Pacific Photo and Art Co.
Fountain of Summer - J. L. Padilla
The Mermaid Fountain
Fountain of "Beauty and the Beast"
The Palace of Machinery
Palace of Machinery, Interior
Vestibule, Palace of Machinery - Gabriel Moulin
Palace of Fine Arts
Open Corridor, Palace of Fine Arts
Detail of Rotunda, Palace of Fine Arts
Colonnade, Fine Arts, and Half-Dome, Food Products Palace - J. L. Padilla
"The Mother of the Dead"
"High Tide; the Return of the Fishermen" - Gabriel Moulin
"Among the White Birch Trunks" - Gabriel Moulin
Tower of Jewels at Night - J. L. Padilla
"The Outcast" and "Muse Finding the Head of Orpheus"
Palace of Fine Arts at Night - Paul Elder Co.
Tympanum, Palace of Varied Industries and Tympanum, Palace of Education
"The Genius of Creation"
Pavilions of Australia and Canada (2), - H. W. Mossby, J. L. Padilla
Pavilions of France and the Netherlands (2)
Rodin's "The Thinker" - Friedrich Woiter
A Court in the Italian Pavilion
The Pavilion of Sweden
Pavilions of Argentina and Japan (2)
The New York State Building - Pacific Photo and Art Co.
California Building
Illinois and Missouri (2)
Massachusetts and Pennsylvania (2)
Inside the California Building
Oregon and Washington (2)
Aeroplane Flight at Night