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(D) Bibliography

The Panama-Pacific Exposition presents so many aspects of public importance that it will doubtless inspire a considerable library of books upon its various features. Those heretofore published, however, agree in testifying to the unprecedented appeal which it makes on its artistic side; they have attempted little more than to describe the architecture of the main exhibit palaces, and interpret the Sculpture and murals which adorn them.

Of the titles given below, the first two volumes are wholly of this character. Mrs. James' little book has especial reference to the story told by the decorative Sculpture. The attractive Neuhaus volume is a more critical discussion of the Exposition art, as distinguished from exhibits in the Palace of Fine Arts, which are to be covered by Prof. Neuhaus' second book. To an outline of Exposition art, Mr. Cheney's booklet adds a brief, helpful account of the Fine Arts exhibit. Mr. Barry's more ambitious volume opens with an interesting chapter on the Exposition's inception and growth; the remainder of the text "is mainly devoted to the artistic features associated with the courts and the main palaces.".

The other books named describe and show "Exposition art."

Palaces and Courts of the Exposition, by Juliet James. 16mo., 151 pp.. including 32 illustrations. San Francisco, the California Book Co.

The Art of the Exposition, by Eugen Neuhaus. 8vo., 100 pp., with 32 ills. San Francisco, Paul Elder & Co.

An Art-Lover's Guide to the Exposition, by Sheldon Cheney. 12mo., 100 pp., including 20 ills. Berkeley, published by the author.

The City of Domes, by John D. Barry. 12mo., 142 pp., with 48 ills. San Francisco, J. J. Newbegin.

In the Court of the Ages (Poems), by Edward Robeson Taylor. 8vo., 33 pp., 7 ills. San Francisco, A. M. Robertson.

The Sculpture and Murals of the Panama-Pacific International Exposition, by Stella G. S. Perry. 12mo., 112 pp., including 47 ills. San Francisco, the Wahlgreen Co.

The Galleries of the Exposition, by Eugen Neuhaus. 8vo., 108 pp., with 30 ills. Paul Elder & Co.

The Sculpture of the Exposition Palaces and Courts, by Juliet James. 12mo., 32 ills. San Francisco, H. S. Crocker Co.

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