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(A) Sculptures and Mural Paintings

The following lists give the titles, locations and names of artists of the Exposition Sculptures and Mural Paintings. They do not include work exhibited in the Palace of Fine Arts, or in the state or foreign buildings, but only those which were designed for the adornment of the Exposition palaces, courts, and gardens.

The lists also index all matter and illustrations describing or showing this "Exposition art." Figures in light-face type refer to pages in the text; those in black-face type, to illustrations.

I. Sculptures.

South Gardens. - Two Mermaid Fountains, by Arthur Putnam (21, 84, 99); Fountain of Energy, by A. Stirling Calder (83, 47).

Palace of Horticulture - Figures at bases of spires, by Eugene Louis Boutier; Pairs of Caryatids, by John Bateman (21).

Festival Hall. - The Torch Bearer (on domes), Bacchus, The Listening Woman, Flora and Pan, Flora and Dreaming Girl, Figures on cartouche over entrance, all by Sherry E. Fry (26, 26, 32).

Tower of Jewels. - Cortez (east side of arch), by Charles Niehaus (46, 48); Pizarro (west side of arch), by Charles C. Rumsey; Priest, Soldier, Philosopher and Adventurer, by John Flanagan (46, 44); Armored Horseman (on terrace of tower), by F. M. L. Tonetti (46); Fountain of Youth, by Edith Woodman Burroughs (49, 84, 89, 53); Fountain of El Dorado, by Gertrude Vanderbilt Whitney (49, 84, 89, 54).

Palace of Varied Industries. - Man with a Pick, Tympanum group of Varied Industries, New World Receiving Burdens of Old, Keystone figure, Power of Industry, all by Ralph Stackpole (33, 37, 138); Victory (on the gables of all the central palaces), by Louis Ulrich (28, 18).

Palaces of Manufactures and Liberal Arts. - Frieze over Portals, Craftsmen, Woman with Spindle, Man with Sledgehammer, all by Mahonri Young (33).

Palace of Education. - Typanum group, Education, by Gustav Gerlach (34, 138); Panel, Male Teacher, by Cesare Stea; Panel, Female Teacher, by C. Peters (34).

West Facade of Palace Group. - Thought (on columns flanking half domes), by Ralph Stackpole; The Triumph of the Field, by Charles B. Harley; Abundance, by Charles R. Harley; Ex Libris (half dome of Education), by Albert Weinert; Physical Vigor (half dome of Food Products), by Earl Cummings; Vestibule Fountains, by W. B. Faville (all on p. 34, 35).

North Facade of Palace Group. - The Conquistador and The Pirate, both by Allen Newman (35, 43, 44).

East Facade of Palace Group. - The Miner, by Albert Weinert (35).

Column of Progress. - The Adventurous Bowman, by Herman A, MacNeil (56, 61, 57); The Burden Bearers (frieze at base of group), by Herman A. MacNeil (61); Frieze of Progress (frieze on pedestal), by Isidore Konti (61, 60).

Court of the Universe. - Nations of East and West (on arches), by A. Stirling Calder, Leo Lentelli and Frederick G. R. Roth (52, 65, 63, 59).

Genii on Columns, by Leo Lentelli; Pegasus Spandrels, by Frederick G. B. Roth; Medallions, by B. Bufano and A. Stirling Calder; The Stars, by A. Stirling Calder; Signs of the Zodiac, by Herman A. MacNeil (all on p. 52).

Fountains of the Rising and the Setting Sun, by A. A. Weinmann (52, 90, 63, 69); The Elements, Earth, Air, Fire and Water, by Robert Aitken (52, 64); Music and Poetry, by Paul Manship (52).

Court of the Ages. - Fountain of the Earth, by Robert Aitken (65, 66, 72, 91-5, 70, 73); Columns of Earth and Air, by Leo Lentelli (66, 67); Ages of Civilization (on Altar) and Thought (on side altars), by Chester Beach (66, 67, 70); Primitive Man, Primitive Woman, and The Hunter (on arcades), by Albert Weinert (66); Modern Time Listening to the Story of the Ages (in North Court), by Sherry E. Fry (67, 72).

Court of Seasons. - The Harvest (on half dome), by Albert Jaegers; Rain and Sunshine (on columns), by Albert Jaegers; Feast of the Sacrifice (on pylons), by Albert Jaegers (76, 79); Fountain groups, The Seasons, by Furio Piccirilli (75-6, 90-1, 94); Attic figures of Abundance, and spandrels, by August Jaegers; Fountain of Ceres (forecourt), by Evelyn Beatrice Longman (77, 91, 79).

Court of Flowers. - The Pioneer, by Solon Borglum (81, 87); Fountain of Beauty and the Beast, by Edgar Walter (81, 95, 100); Flower Girls (in niches), by A. Stirling Calder (87, 100); The Fairy (above Italian towers), by Carl Gruppe; Lions, by Albert Laessle.

Court of Palms. - The End of the Trail, by James Earle Fraser (82, 86); Caryatids (on attic), by A. Stirling Calder and John Bateman; Spandrels (over portals), by Albert Weinert.

Palace of Machinery. - Genius of Creation, by Daniel Chester French (98, 147); Steam Power, Electricity, Imagination, Invention; Friezes, Genii of Machinery; Reliefs on bases of columns, Application of Power to Machines; all by Haig Patigian (97, 111); Eagles, by C. H. Humphries (97).

Palace of Fine Arts. - The Weeping Woman (on colonnade flower boxes), by Ulric H. Ellerhusen (102, 113); The Struggle for the Beautiful (three panels repeated on attic of Rotunda), by Bruno Louis Zimm (102, 114); Figures between panels, by Ulric H. Ellerhusen; Venus, Altar of Inspiration, by Ralph Stackpole (103, 137); Frieze of Genius (on Altar), by Bruno Louis Zimm; the Priestess of Culture (in Rotunda), by Herbert Adams (103); Aspiration (over main portal), by Leo Lentelli; Decorations on Flower Receptacles, by Ulric H. Ellerhusen (103).

II. Mural Paintings.

Tower of Jewels. - West panel - Joining of Atlantic and Pacific, center; Discovery, left; Purchase, right. East panel - Gateway of All Nations, center; Labor Crowned, left; Achievement, right; all by William de Leftwich Dodge (46, 53).

Arch of the Nations of the East. - South panel - The Western March of Civilization; North panel - Ideals Attending Immigration; both by Edward Simmons (55-6).

Arch of the Nations of the West. - North panel - Pioneers Leaving for the West; South panel - Pioneers Arriving on Pacific Coast; both by Frank Vincent Du Mond (56, frontispiece).

Court of the Ages. - Earth, two panels (northwest corner of corridor); Air, two panels (southwest corner of corridor); Water, two panels (southeast corner of corridor); Fire, two panels (northeast corner of corridor); all by Frank Brangwyn (67, 68, 71, 74).

Court of Seasons. - Art Crowned by Time (in half dome); Man Receiving Instruction in Nature's Laws (in half dome); Spring and Seedtime (two panels in corridor before niche of Spring); Summer and Fruition (two panels In corridor before niche of Summer); Autumn and Harvest (two panels in corridor before niche of Autumn); Winter and Festivity (two panels in corridor before niche of Winter); all by H. Milton Bancroft (75, 76).

Court of Palms. - Fruits and Flowers (lunette over entrance of Palace of Education), by Childe Hassam; The Pursuit of Pleasure (lunette over entrance of Palace of Liberal Arts), by Charles Holloway; The Triumph of Culture, sometimes called The Victorious Spirit (lunette over entrance of Court of Seasons), by Arthur Mathews (all on p. 82).

Rotunda, Palace of Fine Arts. - The Conception and Birth of Art, four panels alternated with four panels of the Golds of California. In order they are: The Birth of European Art, the Orange Panel, Inspiration in All Art, the Wheat Panel, the Birth of Oriental Art, Metallic Gold, Ideals in Art, the Poppy Panel; all by Robert Reid (103, 104).

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