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The Old Spanish Missions of California - Anne Jennings Nolan & San Gabriel Mission and the Mission Play - Mildred MacLean

Short history of the California Missions.

Interior San Luis Rey
Mission San Luis Rey in 1927
Mission San Luis Rey (top) and Historic San Gabriel Mission (Bottom)
Ramona's House
San Antonio de Pala Mission
Sacred Garden or Bell Yard, Mission San Juan Capistrano (top) and Serra Church, Mission San Juan Capristano (bottom)
Front Garden of Mission San Juan Capistrano
San Juan Capistrano - Inner Corridor
Mission San Gabriel - by Visher, Done in 1873 (top) and San Rafael Archangel (bottom)
Native Indians in Ceremonial Dance in Mission Play at San Gabriel
Convocation of the Franciscan Mission Fathers in Act II of the Mission Play at San Gabriel
Indian Lad and His Sweetheart (Sanch and Anita) in Mission Play at San Gabriel
San Fernando, Rey de Espagna - Founded September 8, 1787
Mission San Buena Ventura, Founded March 29, 1783 - Noted for its Beautiful Altar
The Cloisters of the Old Mission, Santa Barbara
Interior San Miguel Mission
Mission La Purissima Concepcion
Mission San Luis Obispo (left) and Mission San Juan Bautista (right)
Santa Inez Mission (top) and San Antonio de Padua at Jolon (bottom)
Mission San Antonio de Padua, Dedicated 1771
Nuestra Senora de La Soledad, Founded 1791
Carmel Mission or Mission San Carlos Boromeo at Carmel
Monument Erected at Monterey to Junipero Serra (left) and Graves of Fathers Serra, Crepsi and Lasuen within the Altar Rail at Nuestra de Carmel at Monterey
Mission Santa Clara, Founded 1777 - From painting by Andrew Hill
Interior Church at Santa Clara
Mission San Francisco Solano de Sonoma at Sonoma, Founded 1823 (top) and Mission Santa Cruz (bottom)
Mission San José, Dedicated 1797 - In the foothills Twenty Miles Northeast of San José
The Serra Cross on Mount Rubidoux
Mission Dolores, San Francisco