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"Wild Flower"
The dear little thing reminded us of spring rain, and morning sunsjine, and nooks in the woods where the violets grow. She is called "Wild Flower."

What We Saw at Madame World's Fair

Being a Series of Letters from the Twins at the Panama-Pacific International Exposition to their Cousins at Home

By Elizabeth Gordon

Author of
"Flower Children"
"Bird Children"

With Drawings By
Bertha Corbett

San Francisco
Samuel Levinson - Publisher

Copyright 1915
by Samuel Levinson

San Francisco
The Blair-Murdock Company Printers


A Letter Home
Festival Hall
The Palace of Varied Industries
The Palace of Machinery
The Palace of Mines
The Palace of Transportation
The Palace of Manufactures
Our Hostess
The Palace of Fine Arts
The Palace of Education
What We Saw at the Palace of Food Products
The Palace of Agriculture
The Palace of Liberal Arts
The Palace of Horticulture
Our First Lesson in Sculpture
The Court of the Universe
The Court of Abundance
The Court of the Four Seasons - The Court of Flowers
Mural Paintings
What We Did in Italy
Our Visit in Tehuantepec
Our Visit to Japan
Canada the Beautiful
Our Chinese Visit
More Foreign Travel
Our Day in Sweden
The Fireworks and Illuminations
The Panama Canal Concession
Our Day on the Zone

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