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What We Did In Italy

Dear Cousins:

Father said today that it was time to improve our minds by some foreign travel. So we stepped into our imaginary aeroplane and flew right over.

Italy's palace is very stately with great high ceilings and elaborate entrances. It represents both Mediaeval and Renaissance styles of architecture.

A very nice Italian gentleman showed us over the palace and explained the things to us as well as he could without knowing our language, and of course we knew nothing of his. We shall study languages, and we like Italian. It sounds so polite!

If Christopher Columbus could come to the Fair, he would find himself on a pedestal in the throne room, along with his king and queen. Dante also is there, and stern-looking Garibaldi, and Alexander Volte, who discovered how to apply electric energy, and many other famous Italian persons.

In another part of the palace wonderful laces were displayed, and some carved corals which we know would have pleased mama.

In one case were some old velvet cloaks, which we have seen worn by pirates and buccaneers in our story books - those who wear big droopy hats with big plumes on them, - you remember?

There are copies of famous painters, among them several by Titian, who always painted redhaired people, and isn't it funny how one thing you hear fits in with something you have heard! We know now why big sister is called Titian-haired.

Michael Angelo's "Virgin" we shall always remember, the face was so pale and pure looking, and so young, though she has been made so long. There were some carved alabaster vases, real ones, though almost everything is copied, and some modern paintings which my nice gentleman did not care about. He liked the old masters, he said. There were some musical instruments which had been dug up from Pompeii, just green with age. Nobody knows what their names are.

Some copies of Lucca della Robbia were very beautiful, especially an altar piece of Virgin and Child.

The furniture is beautiful, and is all in keeping with the big rooms and high ceilings. They use fireplaces mostly in Italy, but have modern heating now. Our nice gentleman said that. Italy is a good deal like California, "only little bit nicer."

We enjoyed our Italian trip, and shall always remember it.

Your loving cousins,

Jane and Ellen

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