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Our Hostess

Dear Cousins:

Of course not every one could come to this party, no matter how much they might wish to, so there are several States which have no mansion at the Fair.

California had thought about that, and so built a much larger house than she would have needed for her own people, that those having no State house might feel perfectly at home.

She is always a most delightful hostess, and makes one visiting her feel so welcome and comfortable that the visit is never forgotten. Her beautiful mansion is made after the old Mission style, with a bell tower, and bells, and lots and lots of room in it - parlors, cafes and rest rooms, and a lovely ballroom where the grown-ups may amuse themselves.

We go over to California's house when we are tired, because our State is one of those which has no house, and one day while father was visiting with some friends we went in the secret gardens and waited for him. It is a lovely place, with old acacia trees in it, and a clipped Monterey pine hedge around it, and a wishing well in the middle.

It was so still and sort of whispery in there that we began to feel like children in a story, so we pretended that we were captive maidens in an enchanted garden. Whenever we tried to get out, the place where the gate was a moment before was just solid hedge. We despaired! An enchanted pigeon flew down from the blue sky! We implored her aid! So she flew away, and then father came. We know now that we shall be famous story-writers.

In the counties' annex, California shows that she is a whole world all by herself. Each county has sent of her treasures, and the fruits are as golden as the real gold which is found here.

If there were nothing else to be seen at the Fair, it would still be worth while to have come to see California, whose blue skies and golden fields are always smiling. No one has ever seen a frown on California's face, - not all over at one time. We love you, California! Your loving cousins,

Jane and Ellen.

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