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Under the Prophet in Utah - Frank J. Cannon & Harvey J. O'Higgins

This book covers a period of history of the Mormon Church during the effort to gain statehood for Utah; the primary stumbling blocks being the practice of polygamy, and efforts by the church leadership to control the politics of Utah, and it's neighboring states. This is my 53th Project Guttenberg title.

Contents and Note
I - In the Days of the Raid
II - On a Mission to Washington
III - Without a Country
IV - The Manifesto
V - On the Road to Freedom
VI - The Goal - and After
VII - The First Betrayals
VIII - The Church and the Interests
IX - At the Crossways
X - On the Downward Path
XI - The Will of the Lord
XII - The Conspiracy Completed
XIII - The Smoot Exposure
XIV - Treason Triumphant
XV - The Struggle for Liberty
XVI - The Price of Protest
XVII - The New Polygamy
XVIII - The Prophet of Mammon
XIX - The Subjects of the Kingdom
XX - Conclusion

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