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Under the Prophet in Utah

The National Menace of a Political Priestcraft

Frank J. Cannon
Formerly United States Senator from Utah


Harvey J. O'Higgins
"The Smoke-Eaters," "Don-a-Dreams," etc.

The C. M. Clark Publishing Co.
Boston, Massachusetts

Photo of Frank J. Cannon

Copyright 1911
By The C. M. Clark Publishing Co.
Boston, Massachusetts

All rights reserved



I In the Days of the Raid
II On a Mission to Washington
III Without a Country
IV The Manifesto
V On the Road to Freedom
VI The Goal - and After
VII The First Betrayals
VIII The Church and the Interests
IX At the Crossways
X On the Downward Path
XI The Will of the Lord
XII The Conspiracy Completed.
XIII The Smoot Exposure
XIV Treason Triumphant
XV The Struggle for Liberty
XVI The Price of Protest
XVII The New Polygamy
XVIII The Prophet of Mammon
XIX The Subjects of the Kingdom
XX Conclusion


When Harvey J. O'Higgins was in Denver, in the spring of 1910, working with Judge Ben B. Lindsey on the manuscript of "The Beast and the Jungle," for Everybody's Magazine, he met the Hon. Frank J. Cannon, formerly United States Senator from Utah, and heard from him the story of the betrayal of Utah by the present leaders of the Mormon Church. This story the editor of Everybody's Magazine commissioned Messrs. Cannon and O'Higgins to write. They worked on it for a year, verifying every detail of it from government reports, controversial pamphlets, Mormon books of propaganda, and the newspaper files of current record. It ran through nine numbers of the magazine, and not so much as a successful contradiction was ever made of one of the innumerable incidents or accusations that it contains. It is here published in book form at somewhat greater length than the magazine could print it. It is a joint work, but the autobiographic "I" has been used throughout, because it is Mr. Cannon's personal narrative of his personal experience.

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