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Story of the Session of the California Legislature of 1909 By Franklin Hichborn

This is my fifth Project Gutenberg Etext.

This text describes the 1909 session of the California legislature which had an elected majority of progressive reformers, yet passed bills favoring "the machine" politics of San Francisco and the Southern Pacific Railroad. This book is the first of 5 books giving history of the legislature; the others being 1911, 1913, 1915 and 1921.

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Introduction, Contents & Preface
Chapter I - Breaking Ground
Chapter II. Organization of the Senate
Chapter III. Organization of the Assembly
Chapter IV. The Machine in Control
Chapter V. Election of United States Senator
Chapter VI. The Anti-Racetrack Gambling Bill
Chapter VII. Passage of the Anti-Racetrack Gambling Bill
Chapter VIII. The Direct Primary Bill
Chapter IX. The Machine Defeated in the Senate
Chapter X. Fight Over the Assembly Amendments
Chapter XI. Machine Amends Direct Primary Bill
Chapter XII. The Railroad Regulation Issue
Chapter XIII. Machine Defeats the Stetson Bill
Chapter XIV. Railroad Measures
Chapter XV. Defeat of the Commonwealth Club Bills
Chapter XVI. How the Change of Venue Bill Was Passed
Chapter XVII. Passage of the Wheelan Bills
Chapter XVIII. Defeat of the Local Option Bill
Chapter XIX. Defeat of the Initiative Amendment
Chapter XX. Defeat of the Anti-Japanese Bills
Chapter XXI. The Rule Against Lobbying
Chapter XXII. The Machine Lobbyist at Work
Chapter XXIII Influence of the San Francisco Delegation
Chapter XXIV. Attacks on and Defense of the Fish Commission
Chapter XXV. The Rewarding of the Faithful
Chapter XXVI. The Holdover Senators
Chapter XXVII. The Retiring Senators
Chapter XXVIII. Conclusion
Table A - Records of Senators on Sixteen Test Votes
Table B - Records of Assemblymen on Eleven Test Votes - Forty Members Making Best Records
Table C - Records of Assemblymen on Eleven Test Votes - Forty Members Making Poorest Records
Table D - Record of Assemblymen on Anti-Racetrack Gambling Bill (Walker-Otis Bill)
Table E - Records of the San Francisco Senate Delegation on Sixteen Test Votes
Table F - Records of San Francisco assembly Delegation on Eleven Test votes
Table G - Records of Out-Going Senators on Sixteen Test Votes
Table H - Records of Holdover Senators on Sixteen Test Votes
Table I - Records of Assemblymen on Four Test Votes on Anti-Japanese Bills
Postal Direct Primary
Dr. Montgomery's Report
The Anti-Japanese Resolution

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Biography of Franklin Hichborn