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The Palace of Manufactures and also The Palace of Liberal Arts
(Since they are alike.)

The portal is Spanish Renaissance with grill work. Notice the pastel pink, turquoise blue and burnt orange on this portal. This coloring is a means of strongly accenting this fine architectural feature.

The panel (representing the making of glass, metal work, textiles, statuary, etc.), as well as the female figure holding the spindle and the male with the sledge-hammer, are by Mahonri Young of Salt Lake City, Utah.

The wall niches show elephants and lions used alternately - a fine oriental touch. The heads are used as fountains.

"Acroterium" is the Victory on the gables, many times repeated. It is the work of Frank Edwin Elwell, curator of Ancient Art, at the Metropolitan Museum of New York.

Viewing the figure from the side, you are reminded of the Victory of Samothrace. She is noticeably beautiful against the late afternoon sky and also against the blue morning sky.

You will notice that the flora is just the same in the main in front of these buildings as it was in front of the others you have seen, the grass lawn here taking the place of the albizzia lophantha.

Sweet peas, daffodils, rhododendrons, evening primroses, Japanese magnolias, coronilla are added for color.

The Palace of Manufactures shows the coarser, heavier articles, such as furniture, carpets, woolen goods, hardware. Many articles are being made in this palace.

The Palace of Liberal Arts includes all kinds of printing, book binding, engraving, photographic apparatus, especially in the line of moving pictures and color photography, theatrical appliances, musical instruments, instruments of precision, wireless telegraphy and the wireless telephone, etc.