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Flora of the Avenue of Progress and the Avenue of Palms

Eucalyptus globulus (blue gum).
Eucalyptus robusta.
Eucalyptus viminalis.
Cupressus macrocarpa (Monterey cypress).
Australian pea vine on the palms.
Muhlenbeckia (Australian mattress vine) against the base of Machinery Palace.
Honeysuckle against the base of the Varied Industries Palace.
Lawson cypress.
Libocedrus decurrens (incense cedar).
Acacia floribunda.
Acacia latifolia.
Albizzia lophantha.
Abies menziesü (fir).
Picea Engelmanni (spruce).
Picea excelsa (from Norway) (spruce).
Rhododendrons (notice how they work upon the pink walls) (for color).
Cinerarias (for color).
Cyclamen (for color).
Dracaena indivisa (cabbage palm).
Japanese strawberry.

Notice Mr. McLaren's devices for covering the ground.

The lophantha lawn, it might be called, is an artificial device for producing a most lovely effect. The tree is stripped of all branches until it has attained the height of four feet, the top being trained and flattened into a head five feet across. The trees are placed close enough together so that the tops interlace, producing thereby a continuous green surface.

The veronica buxifolia is the light green border at the side and in front of the Palace of Varied Industries.

Achanea from New Zealand and Australia is used on the banks and accords most harmoniously with the albizzia lophantha.

The abelia rupestris is the red leafed plant with pink blossoms.

Peonia moutan daikaqura is the peony.

Since the small plants in front of the permanent shrubs are changed periodically, a list of everything planted is of course out of the question.

The technical names are suggested with a few of the trees and shrubs so that you can continue this line of work for yourself.

Since the botanical names are placed on the plants in many places you can easily find what you seek.

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