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Notes by the Way in a Sailor's Life - Captain Arthur E. Knights

Stories about the Sea from a ship's Captain. These stories highlight the perils of going by sea. The author had some voyages that were less than desirable. He comments how travel by sea is fine, and then gives stories about trips that make you think otherwise. This is my 23rd Project Guttenberg title.

Introduction and Table of Contents
A Quick Passage
A Record Long Passage
A Voyage of Misfortune
Beginning of the German Navy
An Incident in Hongkong Harbour
A Singular Meeting
A Little Railway Experience
A Good Record in Life-Saving
Presentation of a Telescope by the British Government
The Ship "Bombay"
Is There a Fatality Attaching to Men or Inanimate Things?
Chinese Politeness
A Brazilian Slaver
Hard Times
Memory For Voices
An Incident of the Great Taiping Rebellion


Photo of Author
Painting "Ship 'Northfield' rescuing the crew of the brig 'Hebe,' November, 1858.

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