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Notes by the Way in A Sailor's Life

Captain Arthur E. Knights

San Francisco
A. M. Robertson


In 1898 I was in Hongkong on a business affair which gave me much leisure, when Murray Bain, editor of the China Mail, whom I had long known, asked why I did not send him a letter occasionally. This led to my venturing to give him "Some Notes by the Way in A Sailor's Life."

These Notes, I considered, could only be of interest locally. But some of my friends have urged me to overcome my diffidence and put them in pamphlet form, which I now do for distribution among my friends, trusting that they will treat leniently the literary efforts of one who is a sailor and not a cleric.



A Quick Passage
A Record Long Passage
A Voyage of Misfortune
Beginning of the German Navy
An Incident in Hongkong Harbour
A Singular Meeting
A Little Railway Experience
A Good Record in Life-Saving
Presentation of a Telescope by the British Government
The Ship "Bombay"
Is There a Fatality Attaching to Men or Inanimate Things?
Chinese Politeness
A Brazilian Slaver
Hard Times
Memory For Voices
An Incident of the Great Taiping Rebellion

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