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Piping Pan
Piping Pan
Who knows all about Art
By Louis Saint Gaudens

If you would find the magical strand
Of the sculpters' garden in Fairyland,
If you would tread the beautiful way
Where children of dreams delight to play
To elfin pipes would harken and hear
Till the glad days dance down the singing year,
Would enter the garden that has no key,
No gate to unlock and to pay, no fee,
Would follow the path to the gladsome Art -
Then must you come with childlike heart.
For a childlike heart is the one demand
Of heaven, of Art and of Fairyland.

Little Bronze Playfellows

A Phantasy for Children and Grown-Ups

By Stella George Stern Perry


Paul Elder and Company
Publisher - San Francisco

Copyrighted, 1915
By Paul Elder and Company
San Francisco

Lilian George Brubaker
My Little Golden Playfellow


"Then Must You Come With a Childlike Heart" (Tissue facing Frontispiece.)
The Road to Fairyland
The Pipes of Pan


Piping Pan. Who Knows All About Art. By Louis Saint Gaudens (Frontispiece)
Flying Cupid. From the Next Pedestal. By Janet Scudder
Young Pan. Piping Pan's Saucy Brother. By Janet Scudder
Boy With the Fish. Whom the Playfellows Call Roly Poly. By Bela Lyon Pratt
Fighting Boys. Who Do Not Mind Being Splashed. By Janet Scudder
Wild Flower. Who Seems To Say, "Kiss Me." By Edward Berge
Duck Baby. Who Makes Everybody Laugh. By Edith Barretto Parsons
Boy With Frog. Who Loves The Wild Things. By Edward Berge
Bird Fountain Baby. The Sweetest Baby of All. By Caroline Everett Risque
Sun-Dial Boy. "There Is No Time Like The Present." By Edward Berge
Young Diana. The Maiden of The Moon. By Janet Scudder
Youth. The Girl From the Fountain of Youth. By Edith Woodman Burroughs

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