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The G-E Exhibit - Palace of Manufactures

Immediately adjoining the Home Electrical is the General Electric Company's Exhibit displaying many interesting products.

The Research Laboratories' Exhibit is indicative of the world-wide scientific research and investigation that, under Mazda Service, precede every notable achievement and development in incandescent electric lighting.

The Lamp Exhibit displays all the latest types and sizes. Here one may see the units used for lighting the Exposition, and study the lamps best suited for the home, factory, building, street, automobile, etc. Illustrations of the strength of the Mazda lamp, the cost of operation, and the various steps in the process of manufacture are also shown.

An example of model house wiring and the electrical devices used in a modern hotel kitchen are displayed. A modern substation, which is a part of the exhibit, furnishes power for the searchlights in the Exposition Grounds. Lightning arresters, Fabroil gears, motors and control, switchboards, instruments and wiring devices are among the many products exhibited, which include every phase of electric light, heat and power work.

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