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Eurasia By Christopher Evans

This is my first Project Gutenberg Etext, and while not directly a work of California history, the ideas contained within are products of the politics, economics, and prison system of California.

Christopher Evans holds a place in California's history because he was a famous (in his day) train robber. He robbed trains because his friends had their land taken (his opinion) from the Southern Pacific (the big four: Crocker, Hopkins, Huntington, and Stanford), and wanted to get back at them. Eventually he was tracked down by a sheriff's posse, he shot and killed the sheriff, and was captured. A jury convicted him of murder, but refused to give him the death sentence (he was a folk hero in California, such was the hatred of the rail barons, "Citizen King" William Randolf Hearst even took up his cause in a series of newspaper articles). He was sentenced to life in prison (Fulson prison). He was pardoned in 1910 by progressive governer Hiram Johnson in 1910. He wrote this utopian novel which was published in 1914 (I'm not sure of the publication date, this copy was found at the California State Library, Sacramento, with a 1914 date entered into the libraries collection). He died in 1916.

In the preface it is stated that Mr. Evans has first hand knowledge of what he writes about; this statement is certainly true. This book is included in this web site devoted California and the Western U.S., because of two reasons. First the author was an important persona in California in his time(if time permits, someday I'll track down the newspaper articles about him). Second, his publisher(the James H. Barry press, of San Francisco), published many interesting books related to California History and the progressive movement in California.

The copy of the book this e-text came from was found at the California State Library.

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Chapter 1 - A Government of the People
Chapter 2 - Department of Justice
Chapter 3 - A Visit to a State Prison
Chapter 4 - The Bank of Eurasia
Chapter 5 - Department of Information
Chapter 6 - Department of Mines
Chapter 7 - Department of Education
Chapter 8 - The War Department
Chapter 9 - Department of Commerce
Chapter 10 - Department of Railroads
Chapter 11 - The Income Tax
Chapter 12 - Department of Manufactures
Chapter 13 - Public Utilities
Chapter 14 - Department of Agriculture
Chapter 15 - Department of Foreign Affairs
Chapter 16 - United Worker of Eurasia
Chapter 17 - Department of Health
Chapter 18 - A Visit to the Minister of State

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