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The Zone
A Holiday Gathering

The Zone - A Holiday Gathering

The Zone, while providing excellent entertainment and relaxation, is above the standard established by the amusement sections of former expositions, many of its concessions being of an educational nature. This is notably true of the Panama Canal, which appears on the left of this picture. Because of its value as a faithful reproduction of the great work which the Exposition commemorates, many consider it as deserving a place in the main grounds. Almost equal to this in educational interest and quite ranking it in beauty are the reproductions of the Grand Canyon with its Hopi and Navajo Indians, and Yellowstone Park. Old Faithful Inn in the latter is a favorite place for social gatherings.

For pure fun and gaiety, Toyland Grown Up, that whimsical conceit especially built for youngsters, old and young, has provided merriment for thousands. Of thrillers that raise the hair and make the heart beat high and without which no amusement section would be complete, the Zone announces its full quota with much rattling of machinery and many shrieks of joy.

And the presence of strange peoples, one of the recognized features of these places, is also noticeable along the Zone. A Maori tribe from New Zealand, Samoans, Hawaiians, Aztecs from Old Tehauntepec, and others bring their customs and costumes from unfamiliar lands.

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