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My Bibliography of Fourth-Dimensional Insight

While to books I owe much, I owe still more to the beautiful people by whom I have been, like Marcus Aurelius, all my life surrounded, and particularly to my parents of large vision.

Creative Evolution: Bergson.
An intuition so great that if spatialized it would lead to a world of infinite dimensions.

The Ethical Implications of Bergson's Philosophy: Una Bernard Sait.

The New Infinite and the Old Theology: C. J. Keyser.

The Fourth Dimension: C. H. Hinton.

First and Last Things: H. G. Wells.

The Art of Creation: Edward Carpenter.

Some Neglected Factors of Evolution: Bernard.
A scientific presentation of Involution, a book than which none other has more light to throw on present world problems.

Primer of Higher Space: Claude Bragdon.

Projective Ornament: Claude Bragdon.

Paracelsus: Browning.

ABT Vogler: Browning.

Commemoration Ode: Lowell.

The Book of Revelations.

Here ends "The Fourth Dimensional Reaches of the Panama-Pacific International Exposition," written by Cora Lenore Williams, M.S., with lines on Fourth-Dimensional Insight by Ormeida Curtis Harrison; and the illustrations are from etchings done by Gertrude Partington, and the Fourth Dimensional cover design by Julia Manchester Mackie. Published by Paul Elder & Company, and printed under the typographical direction of H. A. Funke at their Tomoye Press, in San Francisco, during the month of November, Nineteen Hundred and Fifteen.

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