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Pacific Rural Press Books

The following books are the Standard in California Agriculture:

California Fruits and How to Grow Them
By E. J. Wickson.

Now in its seventh edition. Revised June, 1914. Contains over 500 pages of text, besides illustrations. Handsomely hound in cloth. Sent postpaid for $3 per copy.

California Vegetables in Garden and Field
By E. J. Wickson.

Third edition, revised and extended, contains over 300 pages of text and illustrations. Bound in cloth and sent postpaid at $2 per copy.

California Flowers, Trees, Shrubs and Vines
By E. J. Wickson.

Issued in 1915, handsomely illustrated, cloth bound, 264 pages of text. Contains suggestions for working amateurs under California conditions. Sent postpaid at $1.50 per copy.

One Thousand Questions in California Agriculture Answered
By E. J. Wickson.

A book of 256 pages of solid text, being made up of questions and answers from the "Pacific Rural Press," revised by the author. Covers fruit, general agriculture, live stock, poultry, etc. Cloth bound. Sent prepaid at $1.50 per copy.

California Poultry Practice
By Mrs. Susan Swaysgood.

A book of 156 pages of text, besides handsome illustrations. The latest practical treatise on poultry in California. Price, cloth bound, $1, postpaid.

California Hog Book
By W. S. Guilford.

256 pages of text and 37 pages of plate illustrations. Cloth bound. Very practical. Sent postpaid for $2 per copy.

A Book for Feeders that we sell is:
Productive Feeding of Farm Animals
By F. W. Woll, Ph. D.

A book just issued, containing 362 pages, well illustrated, cloth bound. Should be in every stockman's library. Price $1.50 postpaid.

Established 1871
Pacific Rural Press

Edited by Prof. E. J. Wickson
Published by Frank Honeywell

The Recognized Authority in California Agriculture. Has regular departments covering fruit, agriculture, live stock, dairying, veterinary, poultry, etc. Its market reports are given in detail and very accurate.

Twenty-four and Thirty-two pages every week. Illustrated.

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