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Vignettes of San Francisco - Almira Bailey

A collection of stories and essays about San Francisco. This is my 20th Project Guttenberg title.

As Pilgrims Go to Rome
At the Ferry
The Union-Street Car
The Latin Meets the Oriental
The Pepper and Salt Man
The Bay on Sunday Morning
Safe on the Sidewalk
Port O'Missing Men
Market-Street Scintillations
The Open Board of Trade
The San Francisco Police
A Marine View
I'll Get It Changed, Lady
Fillmore Street
In the Lobby of the St. Francis
The Garbage-man's Little Girl
The Palace
Zoe's Garden
Children on the Sidewalk
Feet that Pass on Market Street
Where the Centuries Meet
Bags or Sacks
Portsmouth Square
Impulses and Prohibitions
Stopping at the Fairmont
San Francisco Sings
Van Ness Avenue
The Blind Men and the Elephant
You're Getting Queer
The Ferry and Real Boats
A Whiff of Acacia
It Takes All Sorts
The Fog in San Francisco
A Block on Ashbury Heights
The Greek Grocer
Billboards or Art
Golden Gate Park
Extra Fresh
On the California-Street Car
Western Yarns
Mr. Mazzini and Dante
On the Nob of Nob Hill

DOC file for Palm (Project Guttenberg version)