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Reminiscences of a Pioneer - Colonel William Thompson

The author immigrated to Oregon in 1852, and writes about the trip, gold mining in Washington and Oregon states, the Indian wars, and vigilante actions. This is my 61th Project Guttenberg title.

Chapter 1 - Farewell to the Old Southern Home
Chapter 2 - First Winter in the Willamette Valley
Chapter 3 - Indian Outbreak of 1855
Chapter 4 - In Which Various Experiences Are Discussed
Chapter 5 - Taking Revenge on Marauding Snakes
Chapter 6 - One Bad Tale From Canyon City History
Chapter 7 - Col. Thompson's First Newspaper Venture
Chapter 8 - History of the Modoc Indians
Chapter 9 - The Ben Wright Massacre
Chapter 10 - Treaty With the Modocs Made
Chapter 11 - Battle in the Lava Beds
Chapter 12 - The Peace Commission's Work
Chapter 13 - Three Days Battle In the Lava Beds
Chapter 14 - Trailing the Fugitives
Chapter 15 - The Great Bannock War
Chapter 16 - Snake Uprising in Eastern Oregon
Chapter 17 - Bannocks Double on Their Tracks
Chapter 18 - Another Attack That Miscarried
Chapter 19 - Reign of the Vigilantes
Chapter 20 - Passing of the Mogans
Chapter 21 - The Lookout Lynching
Colonel William Thompson (From photo taken at close of Bannock War)
Typical Scene in the Lava Beds
Runway and Fort in Lava Beds & Captain Jack's Cave in the Lava Beds
Captain Jack (From photo belonging to Jas. D. Fairchild, Yreka, Cal.)
Colonel William Thompson (From photo taken at close of Modoc War)

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