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Listen to This

Coleman Cox

Copyright 1922
By Coleman Cox, San Francisco
Reproduction of parts of this book without permission is prohibited

Listen to This

Listen to This
Coleman Cox

Published By
Coleman Cox Publishing Co.
Monadnock Building
San Francisco

Listen to This

I have about a hundred thousand reasons for printing this book, every reason being an order for a copy.

Many of those who bought copies of my first book, "Take It From Me," by hundreds and thousands to give to their employees, customers or personal friends, have written me to duplicate their orders should I print another book of a like character.

For this expression of appreciation I am very grateful, and I sincerely hope the millions who have in the short period of ten months read "Take It From Me" will be pleased with "Listen to This."

Author's Signature

First Edition
October, 1922,
150,000 copies.

These little Truths may remind you
of some of your friends -
Likewise, remind them of you

I am a great believer in luck. The harder I work, the more of it I seem to have.

The best way to sell yourself to the boss is by selling that which he has to sell to someone else.

I never had a man whisper anything to me that was worth listening to.

As soon as salaried people find out they can't live Pierce Arrow lives on "Tin Lizzy" salaries, "times" and "conditions" will be all right.

Self starters are about the only automobiles that are in demand. Same may be said about employees.

The fellow who tries to beat a railroad train over a crossing gets where he is going some years ahead of the rest of us, but I am not in any such hurry to "get where I am going."

If you happen to know of a fellow who is waiting for an opportunity you can tell him he need not wait any longer - another fellow went after it and grabbed it.

Keeping busy at the right thing keeps you from doing the wrong thing.

Don't tell people your troubles. L's-fire, they've got plenty of their own.

I always feel like shooting the after-dinner speaker who gets up and starts reading a speech. If he can't remember it, how can he expect others to do so? If no one can remember the fool thing, what's the use of bothering with it?

Say it with kindness while he is living. Don't wait to "say it with flowers" after he's dead.

Do your personal friends ever call you over the 'phone during business hours, right when you are the busiest, and talk 'n, talk 'n talk about nothing? So do mine. 'N I wish mine in the same place you wish yours.

A cat will lie before a fire - men afterwards.

Be sure you know what you are talking about. You know, I have always felt every minister should have been a dawgone good sinner for at least ten years before starting out to preach against sin.

There is a difference between boasting and boosting. One is personal.

Telegraph and taxi companies have the right idea. They do not wait for business to come to them - they go after it.

"I'll tell the world" is a conversational filler used now-a-days by fellows who can't tell anybody anything.

Golf clubs are all right if you can use them. Some people think the same thing about friends.

Constructive thinking and worthwhile suggestions will get you further than "Yesing" and "playing up" to the boss.

Have your boss swear by you - not at you.

Some men never hit the mark because they never pull the trigger.

Make up your mind to beat it, or "beat it."

Look trouble in the face and laugh at it. - P. S. Forget this advice in case your wife or boss happens to be your trouble.

Many a man you meet on the street who says, "I'm going to work" - lies.

You can guess pretty close to what is in a man's head by the clothes he has on his back.

The best way to get to the top is to push the other fellow up ahead, and he will help you stay there.

Never greet a friend with "How are you this morning?" Nine men out of ten look upon such a greeting as a request for a recital of troubles and immediately proceed to unload them.

When the average man dies, he leaves his wealth to his relatives and his troubles to his friends. That is to say, he names his best business friends as executors of his estate.
He "wishes" trouble aplenty on men he would in life not have asked for two hours' time.
It's all wrong. There are plenty of Trust Companies whose business it is to handle these matters.

Suppose you were your employer, would you keep a man on the payroll at the salary you are getting for the work you are doing?

Looking for faults, like charity, should begin at home.

Loud dress and loud talk have caused many a salesman's solicitation to go unheard.

You are going to get what's coming to you. Doctors may delay it, and ministers may soothe you, but you can't escape it.

More than thirty years ago, I heard Col. P. Watt Hardin say in a political speech down in Kentucky, "I'm for my country against any country, my state against any state in my country, my county against any county in my state, my town against any other town in my county, my street against any other street in my town, and for my side of the street against the other side." If you don't feel just that way about the firm you are with - get out.

When two men form a partnership just because of personal friendship or some relationship, one or the other soon feels he is bearing all the hardship and the business soon goes into the hands of a receivership.

We can't have an ideal national life unless we as individuals have less high life and more home life.

When I meet a man with a given name that would be more appropriate for a Pullman car than a real human being, I can easily guess who had the say at his home about the time he was born.

A common expression among salesmen these days is "I'm in the real estate, advertising or life insurance game." Since "Game" suggests "gamble" or "chance" and it is not every man who likes to look upon his insurance policy or real estate buy as being a "chance," I don't know but what it might be just as well to use the word "business," instead of "game."

I could never see the sense of some concerns paying out good money in salaries to high class men when the only set of brains used are those of the boss.

Your tomorrow is going to be what your today makes it.

Daniel Boone made his way through Kentucky when it was a wilderness. Clark drove an ox team to the Pacific and Perry reached the North Pole without the aid of road maps or signboards, but when you start some salesmen out after business, they want to know the name and address of the prospect, man to see, how to get in to see him, what to say and how to say it. Then all they bring back is a "not interested" report.

For your own good, get it out of your fool head this world owes you a living.

If you want to know how many pretty women there are in your town, ask the ice man.

Before you have a car of your own you wonder why your friends don't come around and take you for a ride. When you get a car, your friends think the same thing about you.

Every employer is looking for men who see how a thing can be done and then do it.

About the best women workers around any place of business are those you would think the wife of the boss employed.

A Sales Manager was saying to me it was next to impossible to tell a salesman. Your durn tooten it is. Can't tell some of them anything.

Another thing I thank the good Lord for doing is, fixing it so money won't buy happiness. I'm now enjoying at least a million dollars worth a day, and it would be pretty hard to get used to using but seventy-five cents worth.

Don't apologize for what you sell, or the price placed on it; that's just an admission that you think it's wrong.

Many a man politely agrees with you when he don't believe a cussed word you're saying.

Be patient with a fool - that others may be more patient with you.

Think more, earn more, and get more out of life.

Too much celebrating has kept many a man from becoming celebrated.

Take the "ice" out of Service.

No salesman ever won much by winning an argument.

One time up in the mountains of Kentucky a traveler met a mountaineer driving some razor back hogs down the road and stopped to ask him where he was taking them. The old fellow said he was taking them down in the lowlands to turn them out to fatten. The traveler said, "Why, my good man, down in my country we pen our hogs up, and they fatten in so much less time." The old mountaineer thought it over in deep silence for a minute or two and replied, "What the hell's time to a 'hawg'?"
I am often reminded of that story when some "nothing to do" friend calls on me during business hours.

Many a man applies for position fearing he won't get it. If he does, he is afraid he can't hold it. He goes out for business fearing he won't find it. He imparts fear to those he calls upon, until they are afraid to do business with him. The Sales Manager's fear that he has picked a lemon is confirmed and the cashier writes the goodbye check.

Women continue to attend bargain sales, and men keep on buying oil stock, but the question of getting "something for nothing" remains unanswered.

If you are not a success where you are, changing towns or jobs will be of little profit to you until you change your mental attitude.

A little perspiration will help along your inspiration.

Worry breaks up more men than work breaks down.

Now I know why the Standard Oil Company is such a wonderful organization. They tell me that every time an official retires or dies they hire a new office boy.

Suppose Jones and Brown were to form a partnership and go into business. That Jones was on the job from early morning until evening. Brown sleeps away a good part of the morning, enjoys a late breakfast, possibly a morning drive, lunches with friends, perhaps goes to a matinee, then shopping, and spends the day's profits. How long do you think such a partnership would last? Team work alone will win in any partnership. I have always looked upon marriage as being a sort of a partnership affair. Do you get the idea?

If you haven't foresight enough to lay in your winter's fuel during the summer months, it will be just as well not to growl about the price charged for winter delivery.

There are too many salesmen who can't tell a prospect from a suspect.

Never dispute the woman who says she has a model husband. Webster says a model is a small imitation of the real thing.

Let the other fellow talk occasionally - you can't learn much listening to yourself.

Were you ever on a train that had taken the sidetrack for another to pass? As you looked out the window at the other train going by, you felt as though you too were going, but a glance a round proved you were standing still. Now, call to mind your competitors, or your fellow employees. Are you going ahead, or do you just think you are?

The sheriff puts many a salaried man on his feet - by taking away his car.

I encountered a barber a few days ago who knew plenty about the cause of strikes and the politics of the world, but he knew mighty little about barbering. I'm not going there again.

Some people have an idea that to prove themselves optimists they must go around grinning like idiots.

Nice things said to you often cause you to become satisfied with yourself and whenever you get to the point where you think you have reached the degree of perfection, and your employer is too blind to see it, take it from me boy, you're backing up - and, out.

Our friends make us - we break ourselves.

Love at first sight may be all right, but my advice is, to take a second look before calling a minister.

Some employees will loaf on their jobs all day, then go home and want to lick the corner grocer for "short weighting" them on a dime's worth of potatoes. Aint it the truth?

Treat a dog with kindness, pet him a little, feed him well and he will never leave you. - P. S. This system often works on husbands.

Every time I see a "Buy a Home" advertisement, the thought comes to me - it can't be done. You can buy a house, but a home you must make. Someone has said, a home is a roof over a good woman.

San Francisco is noted for its hilly streets. One morning as I was coming to my office on a Sutter street car, and like most men silently thinking, and worrying about certain problems I was to face during the day, I looked ahead at the high hills our car was going to have to climb, and I wondered how power enough could be generated to push it over the tops of them. As we came to them, it seemed as though they had disappeared, and we were traveling on level ground. That evening as I rode home, I tried to call to mind some of the worries I carried down with me that morning but they, like the hills, had disappeared as I came to them.

Light in and do what you are paid to do, or light out and find something else to do.

The world is not going to charge you with your failures until you quit trying.

Some traveling men get homesick when away from home - others at home.

The trouble is, too many employees just think they think.

The salesman who always offers some concession makes a confession his goods won't sell, or he can't.

The young man who marries a "Cosmetic Jane," lives in a one room apartment over a convenient delicatessen shop, and is making monthly payments on a tinliz, finds it harder to live on his salary than does the husband of "Sunbonnet Sue," who has a modest little home, a garden, flowers and a happy youngster or two.

Some men let not their left hand know their right one has written a check to help out a hungry family, but they generally see that the newspaper finds out all about it.

The most dangerous time of your life has come when you begin to take yourself seriously.

A rolling stone may gather no moss, but the stone that has gathered no moss had better keep rolling.

It's easy to pick out the men as they show up for work in the morning who have had a breakfast table scrap with their wives over the morning paper.And the profitable thing to do is to let them go back home and scrap it out.

You never hear those who have money in banks speak of cashiers as being "marble hearted tight wads." It's always the fellow who's got nothing, and wants something on a note that's worth nothing who does the "kicking."

You're going to have to do a lot more good than bad, because it's the bad that is mostly remembered.

Have you ever gone to bed wishing it was morning and you were ready to get back on the job? You haven't! Then you do not love your work, and you'll never succeed until you do.

Hold up your head - Look ahead - Go ahead and, get ahead.

The fellow who does just enough to get by, never earns enough to buy much.

The fellow who knows most, says nothing, and lets the man who knows nothing do the talking.

What are you going to do tomorrow?

You can always tell by the service a hotel employee renders you how much longer he is to continue using the tradesman's entrance in coming to work.

Nearly all the heads of big city firms are from small towns. The fear of "I told you so" has put them where they are. When they left the old home town every "old timer" told them of the mistake they were making, that they would soon be back, sad and sorry. Rather than go back a failure to hear the "I told you so" chorus, they worked like sons-of-guns to make good - and, they did. - I know what I am talking about. To no other one thing do I owe more for whatever success I have had, than the fear of "I told you so."

When you give a man a title, give him the authority that goes with it.

Keep moving on the job; there are lots of fellows below you that want to come up. If you don't go ahead they'll go around you.

You can't borrow anything on what you think you are. It's the value others place on you that counts.

It's the idle mind that worries.

Sticktoativeness. That's what you must have if you expect to get anywhere in business.

One day Thompson Dunegan, who was quite a character in my home town, dashed into the office of judge W. H. McBrayer, and attempted to give the judge the "rush act" for twenty dollars. The judge's answer to Thompson's plea was "I have long since discontinued the making of permanent investments." Whenever an oil stock, mining stock or any other sort of a "sure thing" ten to one hundred percent paying stock salesman calls, I make use of the judge's words of wisdom.

Every man is a salesman, but that does not mean every man can sell everything.

When you think an unkind thing about someone, think several times before you say it.

Men used to get drunk on whiskey, which was pretty bad, but I saw a fellow a day or two ago who was drunk on authority, and it wasn't so much different!

You are paid for doing what you are expected to do. Increases come from doing more than is expected of you.

Never knock a competitor. Next week may find you at his door asking for employment.

The business world is looking for the man who can wrap System in Simplicity and tie it up with something other than red tape.

Scientists tell us the chief difference between man and the animals is that man thinks and the animals do not. Wouldn't it be more accurate to say, some men are capable of being trained to think?

Selfishness in one form or another is responsible for just about all that is not right in this world.

I have met thousands of men who enjoy the satisfaction of knowing they were first in line when brains were being distributed.

Teach your boy how to spend money. When he knows how to buy a hundred cents worth for a dollar, you need not worry about his saving. Again, if he doesn't know how to spend it, what's the use of saving.

Nearly every employer remembers what Sis Hopkins said about "there ain't nothing in doin' nothin' for nobody that ain't doin' nothin' for you." That is why a lot of employee's salaries are never increased.

If men took as good care of themselves as they do of their automobiles this would be a generation of athletes.

In Emerson's day the world might have beaten a path to the door of the man who made the best mousetrap, but to-day it takes advertising enough to convince the people it is the best, with street and house number given, and mention made of parking space for cars while the trap is being examined.

Ships rarely fail to reach the places they start for, but their captains generally know where they are going.

Many years ago, a fellow called my stepfather a liar. I grabbed a pitchfork and was in the act of puncturing him, when my stepfather seized the pitchfork, threw it aside and said, "What are you trying to do? He has but expressed his opinion, and his opinion is not worth anything." Remembering this incident, and weighing the value of personal opinion, I have gone through life having fewer fights.

Truth wins and that's the truth.

Suppose the dog were to succeed in catching the railroad train, he wouldn't know what to do with it. It is quite possible your employer has not seriously considered you for the position you think you are entitled to for the same good reason.

You've got to be a straight shooter if you expect to hit the mark.

'Jever notice it's always some fellow wearing a faded out toupee who makes uncalled for remarks about some woman wearing false hair?

It's often the truck a fellow drinks that causes the limousine accident.

Ben Mills, who enjoyed the reputation of being the "Mahogany Livery Stable Adonis" of Central Kentucky, came to me one day and said, "Mistah Coleman, I wish't you'd please suh, give me a few big words." I asked - "Big words - what do you want them to mean?" His answer was, "Don't make no difference what they mean. I'm going to a strawberry festival tonight and them niggahs won't know, nohow. I jist wants to show 'em I've got an education." When I hear a fellow with a third grade schooling springing Latin phrases, I am always reminded of Ben.

You are not through work when you have done that you were told to do, but when all is done there was to do.

The "echo" you hear when "knocking" a competitor is the sound of nails being driven into your own coffin.

Pretty soon the 1:30 A. M. Radio will broadcast, "Has anybody seen my husband?"

It's too durn bad that men re not what their wives and photographers make them out to be.

A New York man refused to buy my book "Take It From Me" for his employees because ten of the 248 paragraphs did not appeal to HIM. I am wondering if there is a man on earth who can say 248 things that would please any one person.

So long as you are well dressed, carry your head up, walk erect and fast, wear a pleasant smile, choose well your associates and don't talk too durn much, the world will invoice you at all you are worth.

When you get an order without an effort it is always a good idea to consult Mr. Dun or Mr. Bradstreet before making shipment.

Put smiles in your letters and in your voice when phoning, then cover your face with one.

The fellow that turns over in bed when the alarm goes off and sleeps away the thirty minutes he should make use of in refreshing himself with a bath, a shave, shoe shine, should for the good of his firm permanently remain in bed.

Musicians, singers and vaudeville performers hold back their best for the "come back" but, the average salesman is not so wise.

Stop, look and listen when you come to a railroad track, but quit doing it when you come to work.

Every responsibility is an opportunity.

Never accept favors you can't return. If your income will not permit your lunching at the better cafes, then do not accept invitations from others to lunch in such places. Do not become a moocher. I know a young man who had a wonderful opportunity with a big concern until he became a "lunch moocher" and ruined himself.

A real boss is a man it's hard to tell from the fellows that are working for him.

Nearly every salesman in "making a town," goes first to the easiest man of all to sell, then the next easiest, etc., leaving the "hard-nuts-to-crack" for the last. As a result, they leave town wearing a grouch that often costs them the business of the "easiest man to sell" in the next town. If they would but reverse things they would wear a smile out of every town and be in a better frame of mind to sell the "hard customers" in the next.

An Indian never cracks a smile at the things most pleasing and amusing to us, but when misfortune comes, he laughs. Be an Indian.

I hate to have some people give me their advice, when I know how bad they need it.

When you have learned how to be friendly with your employees without having them become familiar with you - you're a real boss.

Men who have any considerable amount of money never have much to say about it. Same rule applies to those having religion.

When I see stenographers and switchboard operators on their way to work with library books and sewing baskets, I can better understand why Central gives the signal, "they don't answer."

Do what is to be done, whether it be in your particular department or not. Your success and salary depends entirely upon the success and profits of the firm.

There are too dawgone many men who think that their praying to God on Sunday forgives them for preying upon their fellow men the rest of the week.

While figuring you are entitled to a larger salary than you are getting it is well to remember that figures often lie.

Knock the "'t" off of can't

If you think it is right to do a thing, why go ahead and do it without asking so many questions. A fellow asked a negro porter on a train if he could smoke in the car. Displaying much authority the negro answered, "No, sah - I'll say you can't." Looking around, he noticed some other men smoking and he asked, "Well, why is it those men are smoking?" The negro answered, "Coz they didn't ask me - that's why."

Never cuss a hundred dollar a month man for not doing a thing just as you would have done it. If he knew as much as you, you might be working for him.

When I see a poor boob leaving a good job to go in business for himself on a "shoestring," I can't help but shed a sympathetic tear.

Before you go to work in the morning, look yourself over carefully that you may not be overlooked by those who are to look you over all day.

Why not attach alimony coupons to marriage licenses and do away with tiresome court proceedings?

Go into Executive Session with yourself every day. It will do you good.

If you must say "whats-the-use," get your hat and say it to the cashier on your way out.

Ten minutes spent in a barber shop listening to men tell barbers just how to shape their hair and comb it, will convince you there is no such a thing as a "fussy old maid."

Somehow I always thought mighty well of that little piece of Western philosophy "live every day so you can look any damn man in the eye and tell him to go to hell."

If you want to find the best story teller and conversationalist in any office, look for the fellow behind the desk that is piled the highest with unfinished work.

When you hear of a woman being jealous of her husband's stenographer, perhaps you'll find she was his stenographer when he made the discovery his first wife "did not understand him."

You are what others tell others you are, and your business is just what others tell others it is. - P. S. Read that one again.

If you are out of a position, it is your personal appearance that is going to have much to do with your securing one. And, just as much to do with your holding it. Dress well, it pays.

When you have passed Selfishness, Untruthfulness, Jealousy and Egotism, then Success is the next station.

Have you ever noticed how much more money some fellows will give to charity when they can stand up before a crowd and yell out the amount than when the appeal comes to them by mail and there is nobody around but God and them when the amount is filled in? And they take a chance God is not looking.

What you once were does not interest your employer one bit. It's what you are today, and what you're going to be tomorrow that counts.

When you go to bat make up your mind you are going to make a home run, not a bunt. Be a "home run" salesman, not a "bunting" order taker.

Some salesmen try to make a thirty minute solicitation in five minutes, and some merchants pile a little of everything they have in stock in a show window. As a result the buyer is so confused the sale is lost. Quit grouching around. If you are not satisfied with your job, quit.

The fellow you hear complaining to everyone around the office about not getting an increase, knows durn well he would get fired for not earning what he is getting were he to say anything to his employer.

Now that it's all over, what did you really do yesterday that's worth mentioning.

When a fellow runs across the street, stumbles, falls in front of a car and is killed, the evidence at the inquest usually shows it made durn little difference which side of the street he was on.

If a salesman could only make the arguments to prospects during the day he thinks of at night after he has gone to bed - Eh!

Life insurance is the salaried man's one best bet. Don't figure how little you can carry but, how much.

Of course it is easy for you to see how your boss could double the business by using your judgment in the place of his own, but he has likely taken into consideration the fact you have had the exclusive use of your judgment all your life, and it's got you nothing.

"You can't buy confidence and respect with profanity and vulgarity," says Coleman Cox in "Take It From Me." He ought to say this in the smoking compartments of Pullman cars. (Rotary-grams, Beaumont, Texas.) A dawgone good suggestion.

The man who does not want to find out the facts does not want the facts found out.

The fellow who makes his own way, generally has his own way.

A firm whose store front has not been painted since the building was erected will spend thousands of dollars a year to have their name painted on "dead walls" in the city, and barns in the country. Their delivery trucks that are seen by thousands and thousands of people every day, as they travel the streets, are never painted from the time they are built until the junk man gets them.

Do you remember the old time travelling salesman whose side-line used to be "here's a good one I heard the other day." I haven't seen one of those fellows since the Eighteenth Amendment became operative.

The more a man concentrates on his own business the less he knows about the other fellow's business. If I wanted to buy oil or mining stock at a bargain I would call on our most successful attorneys and doctors.

A young man came in to see me the other day and said he was looking for a position. I admired his honesty. Most of them say they are looking for work.

An interesting talker is one who talks about something the other fellow is interested in.

Don't grin - smile.

No corporation has ever grown to be big enough, and no labor organization has ever become strong enough to succeed without the good-will of the people.

As an employee I never asked for a testimonial letter, and I have always declined to read those offered me by men seeking positions. Some one was telling me about an employer who was asked by a man he had just discharged for a letter of recommendation. Turning to his stenographer he dictated the following: - "The bearer has worked for me one week, and I am satisfied that is long enough."

When you do your work better than anyone else has ever done it, you will hold your job longer than anyone else.

We may have another war sometime and if we do I want the front ranks made up of the fellows who greet me with the stereotyped "wha-diy'kno."

You have likely met the man who has nice things to say everywhere except at home, and who is polite to all women except his wife. You know the fellow I mean. The one who gets in an elevator with his wife and keeps his hat on until some painted dame gets in.

Habit is a great thing if properly directed. Politeness, gentleness, honesty and veracity may be our habits if we will practise these virtues long enough.

They were two well dressed, and rather attractive women. Many turned to take a second look as they entered the cafe. They were seated next table to me and their conversation started with, " 'N' I sez to 'im, my Gawd man, put on a new record, that one's cracked."

A boy who from his earliest remembrance has been told that he will be whipped when his father returns from work is not very likely to become chummy with his dad.

Don't complain because everyone does not agree with you. After having used a dictaphone for a number of years I am surprised when I try to pen a letter to see how much Mr. Webster and I differ on spelling.

When you repeat that which someone has told you, knowing it to be untrue, the Recording Angel charges you up with another lie.

A fellow rode into a little mountain town down in Kentucky and made it known that he was looking for trouble. The verdict of the coroner's jury read "Plain case of suicide." I met a young man sometime ago who was telling me how little his manager knew about running the business. I saw him again yesterday and he told me he had "resigned" his position.

The big advertisements some concerns run every day offering their merchandise at cost of course attract my attention, and they quite often create in me a desire for some of the advertised articles. When they do I usually go to some store I have confidence in and make my purchases.

I suppose it is just as well the newspapers only print the names of those "held up" by footpads, and not those that are being held up by friends and relatives.

Did you ever have one of those "lead pencil fortune makers" come to you with a scheme to make a lot of money out of a business he is engaged in. The plot usually calls for its being made out of some other fellow's business - about which he knows nothing.

In naming a product you expect to advertise it is well to select some name that offers a suggestion. As example: "Uneeda Biscuit" or "Dodge Automobiles."

Three times the man in the box office explained the exact location of the seat. Then with gloved hands she started in to dig a dollar and sixty-five cents in small change out of a hand-bag filled with an afternoon's accumulation of dressgoods and embroidery samples. In the meantime twenty-seven people standing in line lost more religion than a dozen ministers could preach back into them in that many Sundays.

A Chinaman has the right idea. He pays the doctor while well, and stops his pay when sick. Why wouldn't it be a good thing to stop the pay of strike leaders as soon as they call a strike.

Anyone can tell you something you don't know. Ask questions - then listen.

I could tell those younger in sales than I, hundreds of tricks and schemes I have used in getting in to see buyers, but none of them ever got me any business.

The first fellows who should be jailed for carrying concealed deadly weapons are those going around with "hammers."

"Staying with it" has often brought success to men not overly burdened with the qualifications we like to think successful men should have.

Every woman should take a vacation each year away from her family. By her absence her family will measure her full worth.

The difference in value between a kicking man and a kicking mule is not very much - and neither one is an asset to any business.

There is no substitute for Truth.

An incompetent man who through influence or favor has landed a good paying position which he can't fill, is about as well off as the negro who had the bear by the tail.

We frequently try to blame the National Administration, the tariff or the late war for a condition of affairs which down in our heart we know devilish well was brought about by ourselves.

Just about the busiest thing in the world is a hen scratching for one chick. We must give the hen credit for not letting up on her energy because the chick crop was not what she expected.

Write every business letter as though it were a telegram and you were to pay for the sending of it.

Don't close your eyes tonight until you can call to mind some good you have done today.

The advice of men who have made fortunes is worth more to you than that of those who tell fortunes.

More money - more money! Not that they have any need of it, but to possess it, do we see men giving up those things money can't buy. As Puck says, "What fools these mortals be."

Bachelors are said to be more conceited than married men. Should you be interested in knowing why such is true I would advise your "listening in" on a bridge party some evening when a dozen ninety pound wives are reducing their two hundred pound husbands to boys' size.

Too many men looking for work quit looking for it when they find jobs.

A boy is never convinced that his balloon is as large as he can make it until it bursts. It is too bad he forgets his balloon experience when he grows to be a man and gets into business.

When a prospect says "No," to a salesman's solicitation there's generally a reason - sometimes it is the salesman.

Clothes may not entirely make the man, but they go a long ways toward making first impressions and that counts quite a lot.

That's all - Pass it along.


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Coleman Cox

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