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Impressions of the Art at the Panama-Pacific Exposition

Other Works by
Christian Brinton, M.A., Litt. D.

Modern Artists. The Baker and Taylor Company, New York, 1908
Catalogue of Paintings by Ignacio Zuloaga. The Hispanic Society of America, New York, 1909
Ausstellung Amerikanisher Kunst. Königliehe Akademie der Künste zu Berlin, 1910
Die Entwicklung Der Amerikanischen Malerei. F. Bruckmann, München-Berlin, 1910
Masterpieces of American Painting. The Berlin Photographic Company, New York and Berlin, 1910
Catalogue of Sculpture by Prince Paul Tboubetzkoy. The American-Numismatic Society, New York, 1911
Walter Greaves, Pupil of Whistler. Cottier and Company, New York, 1912
The Scandiniavian Exibition, The American-Scandinavian Society, New York, 1912
Modern Swedish Art in Colour. Albert Bonnier, Stockholm and New York, 1913
La Peinture Américaine. Histoire Générale de la Peinture. L'Art et les Artistes, Paris. 1913
Constantin Meunier. Published by the author, New York, 1914
Catalogue of the Swedish Exhibition. New York, 1910

(In Preparation)

Francisco De Goya and his Paintings in America. Frederic Fairchild Sherman, New York
Édouard Manet and his Paintings in America. Frederic Fairchild Sherman, New York

Impressions of the Art at the Panama-Pacific Exposition

Christian Brinton

(Member of the International Jury)

With a Chapter on the San Diego Exposition and an Introductory Essay on
The Modern Spirit in Contemporary Painting

New York
John Lane Company

Copyright, 1916, by
John Lane Company

Printed by Eaton & Gettinger, New York, U.S.A.
Engraving by Walker Engraving Co., New York, U.S.A.
Colour Work by Dittman Colour Printing Co., New York, U.S.A.
Binding by Grady Bookbinding Co., New York, U.S.A.
Paper by S. D. Warren & Co., Boston, U.S.A.


List of Illustrations.
The Modern Spirit in Contemporary Painting
The Panama-California Exposition
The Panama-Pacific Exposition
Sculpture - Native and Foreign
American Painting
Foreign Painting - Part One
Foreign Painting - Part Two
Index of Artists

List of Illustrations

(Plates in Colour)

Skaters. By Gari Melchers
Air. The Windmill. By Frank Brangwyn
Earth I. Dancing the Grapes. By Frank Brangwyn
Earth II. The Fruit Pickers. By Frank Brangwyn
Water. The Fountain. By Frank Brangwyn

(Plates in Black and White)

Lady in Pink. By Nikolai Fechin

The Panama-California Exposition

Tower and Dome of California Building
View from Across the Cañon de Cabrillo
Entrance Façade, California Building
Looking Across the Espanade
A Mission Patio, Southern Counties Building
Commerce and Industries Building
Entrance to the Varied Industries Building

The Panama-Pacific Exposition

Sculpture at Entrance of the Festival Hall
Palace of Horticulture
Colonnade and Palace of Fine Arts
Discovery - Mural Painting. By W. De LeftWich Dodge
Survival of the Fittest - Sculpture. By Robert I. Aitken
The Harvest - Sculpture. By Paul Manship
Colonnade Fronting Palace of Fine Arts (Night Effect)
Part of the Court of the Four Seasons (Night Effect)
Rotunda, Lagoon, and Palace of Fine Arts (Night Effect)
The Tower of Jewels (Night Effect)
East Façade, Horticulture Building (Night Effect)
Court of the Four Seasons (Night Effect)

Sculpture - Native and Foreign

The End of the Trail. By James Earle Fraser
Young Girl With Water Jar. By Joseph Bernard
The Outcast. By Attilio Piccirilli
Crows and Their Young. By Dagfin Werenskiold
Count Tolstoy. By Paul Troubetzkoy
Aquatic Nymphs. By Leo Lentelli
Grandmother's Idol. By Ermenegildo Luppi
The Foot Bath. By René Quillivic
Sphinx. By David Edström

American Painting

Torso. By Arthur B. Carles
Mme. Gautreau. By John S. Sargent
The Coming Storm. By Winslow Homer
Note Blanche: Study of Jo. By James McNeill Whistler
Summer. By Frederic C. Frieseke
In the Sun. By Theodore Robinson
Poppies. By Robert W. Vonnoh
Whistling Boy. By Frank Duveneck
Spanish Courtyard. By John S. Sargent
Mother and Child. By Gari Melchers
Paresse. By Lawton S. Parker
Portrait. By Cecilia Beaux
The Ice Storm. By Allen Tucker
Youth. By Frederic C. Frieseke
St. Ives Fishing Boats. By Hayley Lever
Mother and Child. By John H. Twachtman
Gates at San Pedro Miguel. By Jonas Lie
October Morning. By Ben Foster
The End of the Street. By Gifford Beal
The Emerald Robe. By Robert H. Nisbet
Youth. By Josephine Paddock
Polo Crowd. By George W. Bellows
My Family. By Edmund C. Tarbell
A Mother and Her Sons. By Rockwell Kent
Tangier. By Alexander Robinson

Foreign Painting - Part One

The Green Shawl. By Camillo Innocenti
Binnenkant: Winter in Amsterdam. By Willem Witsen
Winter in the Forest. By Anshelm Sehultzberg
The Cripple. By Gabriel Strandberg
Longchamps. By Batthyányi Gyula
Summer Night: Aasgaardstrand. By Edvard Munch
Countess Batthyányi Lajos. By Vaszary János
Hungarian Home Altar. By Jávor Pál
Autumnal Day. By Arnold Marc Gorter
Among the Birches. By Carl Larsson
A Frosty Afternoon. By Anshelm Schultzberg
The Shore. By Leo Putz
Rippling Water. By Gustav A. Fjaestad
Interior. By Rippl-Rónai József
Summer Night. By Franz von Stuck
In the Rhine Meadows. By Heinrieh von Zügel
Winter Road. By Thorolf Holmboe

Foreign Painting - Part Two

The Procession. By Ettore Tito
The Painters. By Félix Vallotton
Harbour of Rotterdam. By Albert Marquet
Seated Woman. By Charles Cottet
The Young Landlady. By Jorge Bermúdez
The Bohemian. By Antonio Mancini
Bathers. By Maurice Denis
Moulin de La Galette. By Vincent Van Gogh .
The Communicants. By Lucien Simon
The Nightingale's Veranda. By José Malhôa
Interior of Café. By Manuel Rosé

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