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History of California - Helen Elliott Bandini

Overview of California history. This is my 56th Project Guttenberg title.

Preface and Contents
Chapter 1 - The Land and the Name
Chapter 2 - The Story of the Indians
Chapter 3 - "The Secret of the Strait"
Chapter 4 - The Cross of Santa Fe
Chapter 5 - Pastoral Days
Chapter 6 - The Footsteps of the Stranger
Chapter 7 - At the Touch of King Midas
Chapter 8 - The Great Stampede
Chapter 9 - The Birth of the Golden Baby
Chapter 10 - The Signal Gun and the Steel Trail
Chapter 11 - That Which Followed After
Chapter 12 - "The Groves Were God's First Temples"
Chapter 13 - To All that Sow the Time of Harvest Should be Given
Chapter 14 - The Golden Apples of the Hesperides
Chapter 15 - California's Other Contributions to the World's Bill of Fare
Chapter 16 - The Hidden Treasures of Mother Earth
Chapter 17 - From La Escuela of Spanish California to the Schools of the Twentieth Century
Chapter 18 - Statistics
List of Governors
Electoral Vote

DOC file for Palm (Project Guttenberg Version)