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Grafton Publishing - Los Angeles:
Title Author
Year Published
Wander Songs John S. McGroarty 1908 ?
The Kings Highway: (El Camino Real) John S. McGroarty 1909 ?
A Bonfire: Being a Burnt Offering of a Teacher's Love Letters Sara W. Featherstone 1910 Folklore
Christophe: A Tragedy in Prose of Imperial Haiti William Edgar Easton 1911 Play
California: Its History and Romance John S. McGroarty 1911 History
Journeying Round the World: A Narrative of Personal Experience. Sydney Ford (Henrietta B. Freeman) 1912 Travelogue
Out of Doors - California and Oregon Jackson Alpheus Graves 1912 Travelogue
Flagons and Apples John Robinson Jeffers 1912 Poetry
Prison Life in Andersonville John L. Maile 1912 Civil War History
The Kings Highway Marlene Deadrick Willard 1913 ?
The Spirit Man or the Hidden Man of the Heart: A work on Pneumatology and Psychology Rev. J. H. Allen 1915 Religion
The Bells of Capistrano and Other Romances of the Spanish Days in California S.H.M. Byers 1916 ?
Glorietta: Or the City of Fair Dreams S.H.M. Byers 1916 ?
Days that are Done William Perry Sanders 1918 ?
The Expedition of ther Donner Party and its Tragic Fate Eliza P. Donner Houghton 1920 History
Deka Parsec, Shell Shocked Views of Life Louis Molnar 1921 ?
The Message Lord Kitchener Lives Volume I Ala Mana 1922 Occult
The Bush Aflame Dana W. Bartlett 1923 ?
Rafael: A story of Nueva California Charles Franklin Carter 1923 Fiction
Health Through Natural Forces Dr. John H. Dequer 1924 Medicine
In Pleasant Places: Poems, Illustrated by Photos. Clara Mason Fox 1924 Poetry
The Bells of San Gabriel and Verse Various Arthur Justin Stephens 1924 ?
Miracle Missions of California Vernon J. Selfridge 1925 California Missions
In Arcadia and Other Poems, Including Bells of Capistrano S.H.M. Byers 1929 Poetry
A Comedy of the Woods, Presenting three seperate plays. Estelle Harriet Robbins 1930 Plays
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