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Principal Works

The principal manufacturing plants of the General Electric Company are located at Schenectady, N. Y.; Lynn and Pittsfield, Mass.; Harrison, Newark and Watsessing, N. J.; Cleveland, Ohio; Eric, Pa., and Fort Wayne, Ind. The total floor space is nearly 15,000,000 square feet.

Sales Offices

Atlanta. Ga - Third National Bank Building
Baltimore, Md - Munsey Building
Birmingham. Ala - Brown-Marx Building
Boston, Mass - 84 State Street
Buffalo, N.Y. - Electric Building
Butte, Mont. - Electric Building
Charleston, W. Va - Charleston Nat'l Bank Bldg.
Charlotte, N. C. - Commercial National Bank Bldg.
Chattanooga, Tenn - James Building
Chicago, Ill - Monadnock Building
Cincinnati, Ohio - Provident Bank Building
Cleveland. Ohio - Illuminating Building
Columbus, Ohio - Columbus Savings & Trust Building
Dayton, Ohio - Schwind Building
Denver, Colo - First National Bank Building
Des Moines, Iowa - Hippee Building
Duluth, Minn - Fidelity Building
Elmira, N. Y. - Hulett Building
Eric. Pa - Marine National Bank Building
Fort Wayne, Ind - Fort Wayne Electric Works
Indianapolis. Ind. - Traction Terminal Building
Jacksonville, Fla. - Heard National Bank Building
Joplin, Mo. - Miners' Bank Building
Kansas City, Mo. - Dwight Building
Knoxville, Tenn. - Bank & Trust Building
Los Angeles, Cal - 124 West Fourth Strict
Louisville, KY - Starks Building
Memphis, Tenn. - Randolph Building
Milwaukee. Wis. - Public Service Building
Minneapolis Minn. - 410 Third Ave., North
Nashville, Tenn. - Stalhlman Building
New Haven, Conn. - Second National Bank Bldg.
New Orleans, La - Maison-Blanche Building
New York, N. Y. - 30 Church Street
Niagara Falls, N. Y. - Gluck Building
Omaha, Neb - Union Pacific Building
Philadelphia. Pa - Witherspoon Building
Pittsburg, Pa - Oliver Building
Portland, Ore - Electric Building
Providence, R. I. - Turks Head Building
Richmond, Va - Virginia Railway & Power Bldg.
Rochester, N. Y, - Granite Building
St. Louis, Mo. - Pierce Building
Salt Lake City, Utah - Newhouse Building
San Francisco, Cal - Rialto Building
Seattle, Wash - Colman Building
Spokane. Wash att sen Bui liii
Springfield. Mass. - Massachusetts Mutual Bldg.
Syracuse, N. Y. - Onondaga Co. Savings Bank Bldg.
Toledo, Ohio - Spitzer Building
Washington, D. C. - Evans Building
Youngstown, Ohio Wick Building

For Michigan business refer to General Electric Company of Michigan
Detroit, Mich. - Dime Savings Bank Building

For Texas, Oklahoma and Arizona business refer to
Southwest General Electric Co. (Formerly Hobson Electric Co.)
Dallas, Tex. - 1701 N. Market Street
Houston, Tex. - Third and Washington Streets
El Paso, Tex. - 500 San Francisco Street
Oklahoma City, Okla. - Insurance Building

Building Motor Agencies in all large cities and towns
Partial List of Foreign Sales Offices

General Electric Co., Foreign Dept. - Schenectady, N. Y.
General Electric Co., Foreign Dept. - 30 Church St., New York, N. Y.
General Electric Co. of N. Y. - 83 Cannon St., London, E. C., England
Australian General Electric Co. - Melbourne and Sydney
Companhia General Electric Co. Brazil - Rio de Janeiro
Cia. General Electric Sudamericana - Buenos Aires
Mexican General Electric - City of Mexico
South African General Electric Co. - Johannesburg and Cape Town

Representatives and Agents in all Countries

For all Canadian business refer to Canadian General Electric Co., Ltd., Toronto, Ont.

General Electric Company

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