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Experimental Organic Chemistry


James F. Norris, Ph. D.

Professor of General Chemistry.
Massachusetts Institute of Technology
Author of "The Principles of Organic Chemistry"

First Edition
Fifth Impression

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239 West 39th Street. New York

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Copyright, 1915, By the
McGraw-Hill Book Company, Inc.

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Chapter I. - Laboratory Methods

General directions, Crystallization, Distillation, Extraction, Sublimation, Drying agents, Use of reflux condenser, Manipulation of sodium, Manipulation of small quantities of substances, Determination of physical properties, Qualitative analysis.

Chapter II. - General Processes: Hydrocarbons of the Methane Series

Methane, Ethane, Di-isoamyl, Kerosene and gasoline.

Chapter III. - Unsaturated Hydrocarbons

Ethylene, Amylene, Acetylene.

Chapter IV - Alcohols

Methyl alcohol, Ethyl alcohol, Allyl alcohol, Glycerol.

Chapter V. - Acids

Formic acid, Acetic acid, Soap, Oxalic acid.

Chapter VI. - Ethers, Esters, and Anhydrides

Ether, Isoamyl-ethyl ether, Acetic anhydride, Succinic anhydride, Potassium ethyl sulphate, Ethyl acetate, Isoamyl acetate, Fats and oils.

Chapter VII. - Aldehydes and Ketones

Formaldehyde, Acetaldehyde, Acetone.

Chapter VIII. - Amines and Amides

Methylamine, Lecithin, Acetamide, Urea.

Chapter IX. - Cyanogen and Related Compounds

Cyanogen, Potassium cyanide, Potassium ferrocyanide, Potassium ferricyanide, Methyl cyanide, Isocyanides.

Chapter X. - Halogen Compounds

Methyl iodide, Ethyl bromide, Ethyl iodide, Isoamyl bromide, Chloroform, Ethylene bromide, Acetyl chloride.

Chapter XI. - Compounds Containing Two Unlike Substituents

Trichloracetic acid, Lactic acid, Tartaric acid, Citric acid, Acetoacetic ester, Chloral.

Chapter XII. - Carbohydrates

Dextrose, General reactions of the sugars, Sucrose, Lactose, Starches, Dextrin, Cellulose, Pentosans.

Chapter XIII. - Compounds Containing Sulphur

Mercaptan, Thiocyanates, Xanthates.

Chapter XIV. - Uric Acid and Related Compounds

Uric acid, Caffeine.

Chapter XV. - Aromatic Hydrocarbons

Benzene, Ethylbenzene, Diphenylmethane, Hexaphenylethane, Naphthalene.

Chapter XVI. - Nitro Compounds and Sulphonic Acids

Nitrobenzene, m-Dinitrobenzene, Sodium benzene-sulphonate, Benzenesulphonyl chloride, Benzenesulphonamide, p-Toluenesulphonic acid.

Chapter XVII. - Halogen Derivatives of Aromatic Hydrocarbons

Brombenzene, p-Dibrombenzene, Properties of halogen compounds, Triphenylchlormethane.

Chapter XVIII. - Aromatic Amines

Aniline, Methylaniline, Dimethylaniline, Distinction between three types of amines.

Chapter XIX. - Diazo Compounds

Phenol, Iodobenzene, p-Tolunitrile, Diazoaminobenzene, Aminoazohenzene, Phenylhydrazine.

Chapter XX. - Aromatic Alcohols, Phenols, and Ethers.

Benzyl alcohol, Diphenylcarbinol, Diphenylethylcarbinol, Phenol, General reactions of phenols, Anisol.

Chapter XXI. - Aromatic Acids

Benzoic acid, Benzanilide, Benzamide, p-Toluic acid, Cinnalnic acid, Terephthalic. acid, Dimethyl terephthalate.

Chapter XXII. - Aromatic Aldehydes, Ketones, and Quinones

Benzaldehyde, Benzophenone, Benzophenoneoxime, Quinone, Anthraquinone.

Chapter XXIII. - Aromatic Compounds Containing Two or More Unlike Groups

o-Nitrophenol, Eugenol, Sulphanilic acid, m-Nitraniline, p-Nitraniline, Salicylic acid, Tannic acid.

Chapter XXIV. - Dyes and Dyeing

Methyl orange, Malachite green, Fluorescein, Eosin, Dyeing with congo, Mordants, Primuline.

Chapter XXV. - Heteroyclic Compounds

Thiophene, Furfuraldehyde, Pyridine, Quinoline, Alkaloids.

Chapter XXVI. - Proteins

Detection of nitrogen, sulphur, and phosphorus, Precipitation reactions, Color reactions, Gelatin and wool, Salting out, Hydrolysis of proteins, Proteoses and peptones, Proteins of wheat, Edestin, Casein, Textile fibers.

Chapter XXVII. - The Identification of Organic Compounds.



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