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California Sketches - Second Series - By Bishop O. P. Fitzgerald

A collection of stories about California, starting about 1860. The author is a Southern Methodist minister, so when pioneers came the the old south, his impressions are better than if the pioneer was a Yankee. The author shows many of the stereotypes of the time regarding race and religion. This is my 66th Project Guttenberg title.

Book Cover, Introduction, and Contents
The Diggers
The California Mad-House
San Quentin
The Reblooming
The Emperor Norton
Camilla Cain
Lone Mountain
The California Politician
Old Man Lowry
Suicide In California
Father Fisher
Jack White
The Rabbi
My Mining Speculation
Mike Reese
Uncle Nolan
Buffalo Jones
Tod Robinson
Ah Lee
The Climate of California
After The Storm
Bishop Kavanaugh In California
A Day
A Virginian In California
At the End

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