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By Inez Haynes Gillmore

Angel Island

The story of five shipwrecked men of varied attainments and five equally individual winged women. This picturesque romance, with stirring episodes and high ideals, appears for the first time in complete form, the serial version having been much shortened. Illustrated by John Rae.

$1.35 net.

Phoebe and Ernest

Parents will recognize themselves in the story, and laugh understandingly with, and sometimes at, Mr. and Mrs. Martin and their children, Phoebe and Ernest. Illustrated by R. F. Schabelitz.

$1.35 net.

"We must go back to Louisa Alcott for their equals." - Boston Advertiser.

"For young and old alike we know of no more refreshing story." - New York Evening Post.

Phoebe, Ernest, and Cupid

In this sequel each of these delightful young folk goes to the altar. Illustrated by R. F. Schabelitz.

$1.35 net.

"To all jaded readers of problem novels, to all weary wayfarers on the rocky literary road of social pessimism and domestic woe, we recommend 'Phoebe, Ernest, and Cupid' with all our hearts; it is not only cheerful, it's true." - N. Y. Times Review.


Being the record of a short interval in the journey thru life and the struggle with society of a little girl of nine. Illustrated by Ada C. Williamson.

$1.25 net.

"Depicts youthful human nature as one who knows and loves it. Her 'Phoebe and Ernest' studies are deservedly popular, and now, in 'Janey,' this clever writer has accomplished an equally charming portrait." - Chicago Record-Herald.