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Second One Thousand Questions in California Agriculture Answered

By E. J. Wickson

Emeritus Professor of Horticulture, University of California; Editor of the Pacific Rural Press of San Francisco; Author of "California Fruits and How to Grow Them," "California Vegetables in Garden and Field," "California Garden-Flowers, Shrubs, Trees and Vines," Etc.

A Sequel to "One Thousand Questions in California Agriculture Answered."

Pacific Rural Press
San Francisco

Copyright 1916
By E. J. Wickson and Pacific Rural Press


The earlier publication of this series, entitled "One Thousand Questions in California Agriculture Answered," met a keen demand and an edition of five thousand copies was sold in less than two years. In order that those who find that book useful may have additional information as soon as possible, it has been thought best to publish answers to another thousand questions before undertaking a revised edition of the first thousand. This book is therefore in no sense a revision or republication of its predecessor. Particular care has been taken that nothing in this volume shall be a duplication of the preceding one, and the reader therefore needs both of them, twice as much as he needs either of them.

The compiler is thoroughly gratified that this branch of his work is found to answer so good a public purpose and he cannot refrain from stating that the way to secure just such information from week to week is by subscription to the Pacific Rural Press.

E. J. Wickson.


Part I. Fruit Growing.
Part II. Vegetable Growing.
Part III. Grains and Forage Crops.
Part IV. Soils, Fertilizers and Irrigation.
Part V. Live Stock and Dairy.
Part VI. Feeding Animals.
Part VII. Diseases of Animals.
Part VIII. Poultry Keeping.
Part IX. Pests and Diseases of Plants.
Part X. Index.

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